Reyrolle’s charity began close to home

PLAYING SANTA ...Christmas charity collecting at Reyrolles.

PLAYING SANTA ...Christmas charity collecting at Reyrolles.

IT was interesting to read the other day that some of the most hard-up communities in the country are among the most generous supporters of charity.

Not that it actually came as a surprise; there is a long tradition in places like the North East, here, of helping out, both in bad times and good.

And this is a great picture of Christmas charity at its best.

It comes from Norman Dunn, who was sent it by Colin McFadyen. Colin’s father-in-law, Frank Vallely, is on the photograph.

It shows the Christmas tree in one of the departments at Reyrolle’s at Hebburn where, each year, the workers collected toys and gifts for local orphanages.

In this instance, the collection was for Dr Barnado’s Boys Home in Tynemouth.

It is likely, says Norman, that each department of the works probably collected for different homes.

Perhaps someone can say if that was the case, or can remember what other causes were supported.

n You can see more of Norman’s old photographs at www.oldtyneside.co.uk




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