Camra guide cheer for South Tyneside pubs

BOOST ... Alum House manager Leyanne Henson.
BOOST ... Alum House manager Leyanne Henson.

PUBS across South Tyneside are featured in the latest edition of the real ale drinker’s ‘bible’.

Camra’s Good Beer Guide 2014 lists more than 4,500 pubs in the UK which sell real ale.

South Tyneside is again well represented in the book’s 41st edition, along with a borough-based brewery.

The local pubs highlighted in the Camra guide are the Grey Horse, East Boldon, the Robin Hood, Jarrow, the Alum Ale House, the Maltings, Stag’s Head, the Steamboat, the Wouldhave, all South Shields, and the Black Horse, West Boldon.

The Camra guide features a section on Jarrow Brewery, which last week launched a new £500,000 plant at Bede Industrial Estate, Jarrow.

Brewery boss Jess McConnell said: “The Camra guide is a great book and certainly brings people to our own pubs.

“It’s still the most authoritative guide to good beer and whenever my wife, Alison, and I go away, we always take a copy of the Good Beer Guide with us.

“The book is packed with information, and puts you in the right direction for real ales.”

David Brazier, South Shields-based regional director of the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra), said: “It’s a real feather in the cap to be included in the guide and pubs strive to be included. It’s heartening to see so many South Tyneside pubs in the latest guide.

“Plus, it’s great that we now have 43 breweries in the North East, which is 10 more than last year.

“Camra is now the biggest single-issue consumer group in Europe.”

The new guide welcomes this year’s scrapping of the controversial beer duty escalator, which had automatically increased beer duty every year in the budget since 2008.

If the escalator had not been abolished in March, Camra warned the price of a pint would have risen by about 10p.

Camra’s Good Beer Guide 2014 is on sale at £15.99. For more details, visit

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