This fun family activity is taking the North East by storm - here's how you can get involved

It's August - and we've all been there.

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What's the going rate for the tooth fairy in your house?

How much does the tooth fairy pay children in the North East?

Just how much are your little ones' pearly whites worth?

How will you get the kids motivated this summer?

Shaping Up: Seven tips to get the kids active

Every year it seems harder and harder to get kids off the sofa, or to put down the iPad for a minute and go out for some fresh air and exercise.

The "five in one" vaccine offered to babies is to be replaced with a "six in one" immunisation for babies born from today. Picture: PA.

Babies to be offered new 'six in one' jab

The "five in one" vaccine offered to babies is to be replaced with a "six in one" immunisation for babies born from today.

Asda has withdrawn the own-brand nappies as a precaution.

Asda withdraws own-brand newborn nappies after baby suffers 'chemical reaction'

Asda has withdrawn an own-brand nappy for newborn babies from sale after a father claimed his son suffered a "chemical reaction" to the product.

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The cost of holiday childcare has risen by more than 50% across Britain and 111% in the North East since 2010, Labour has said. Picture by Niall Carson/PA Wire

Holiday childcare costs up 111% in North East since 2010, claims Labour

The cost of holiday childcare has risen by more than 111% in the North East since 2010, Labour has said.

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How long would it be before you got bored in the summer holidays?

Have you said any of these things to your kids during the summer holidays?

Parents beware - the average child will utter their first "I'm bored" just 10 days into the summer holidays.

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Fingers crossed for a sunny weekend as Sunderland International Airshow arrives in the city for another year.

Everything you need to know about Sunderland International Airshow 2017

It's nearly that time again! Eyes to the skies for 2017's Sunderland International Airshow, which is flying in this weekend.

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Where will you be shopping for your school uniform?

Aldi launch Britain's cheapest school uniform

Budget supermarket Aldi has launched what could be Britain’s cheapest school uniform - which will see children fully-kitted out for only £3.75.

Do you rely on your parents for childcare? Picture: PA.

A quarter of mothers rely on grandparents' childcare in order to work

One in four mothers would have to give up work if they didn't have grandparents to look after their children, a new study reveals.

How much do you spend on an end-of-year gift?

How much should you spend on a present for your child's teacher?

One in 10 parents spend £25 or more on an end-of-year present for their child's teacher, according to a poll.
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A new poll suggests confusion among children about the origins of their foods. Picture: Pixabay.

Confused children think fish fingers are made from chicken

Cheese comes from plants, tomatoes grow underground and fish fingers are made of chicken - at least that is according to many of the nation's youngsters.
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Will you be getting the school uniform from Aldi?

Aldi announce school uniforms for a fiver

Today's lesson, parents? Where can you get a school uniform for a fiver?
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Do you fancy giving the obstacle course a try?

Are you brave enough to try out this inflatable obstacle course?

The world’s longest, continuous, inflatable obstacle course is coming to the region - but will you be brave enough to have a go?
Families enjoyed a day of fun at Bilton Hall.

Day of celebration as family event is held in Jarrow

Families enjoyed a day of celebration after a carnival came to a South Tyneside community centre.

Siobhan Hatch from South Shields. Picture: PA.

South Shields mum 'grateful to be alive' after paralysis caused by life-threatening nerve syndrome

A pole-dancing mum-of-two thought her "kinky boots" had caused her agonising pins and needles – only to learn they were an early symptom of an illness, which days later left her paralysed.
Health 2
How long does it take to put your toddler to bed?

Average toddler bedtime routine in UK takes an hour and a half

The bedtime routine is something every parent struggles with at some point - you are not alone.

A baby is spoon fed by her mum. Picture: Andrew Stuart.

Spoon-feeding babies ‘doubles their risk of obesity’

Choosing to spoon-feed your baby could be putting them at risk of obesity, an expert claims.
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There are lots of ways to bring family memories to life.

How to make the most of your family's precious memories

Most families have photographs, films, treasures, stories and memories that hold a special place in their hearts, even though they’re gathering dust in the attic.

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