Airport seeks to reunite lost teddies with their owners

An airport has launched an appeal to reunite young passengers with hundreds of teddies left behind on their travels.

Have any of your favourites been used as inspiration?

Which TV shows, films and celebrities inspired baby names?

Life imitated art for parents in England and Wales last year, as baby names inspired by TV shows and celebrities proved popular.
Did your baby's name make the list?

These are the most popular names for babies born in 2016

Olivia has replaced Amelia as the most popular name given to baby girls in England and Wales in 2016, official statistics show.

Laura Cort, left, from Peterlee, marries Christina Ritcher at the Great North Run today after the couple, who live in Delaware, USA, got engaged at the finish line last year.

Couple make history by being first to be married at Great North Run

The Great North Run proved to be a happy event for a different reason for two couples.

What don't you miss about being young?

33 things the over 60s do not miss about being young

Ferrying the kids around, having a boss who breathes down your neck and the daily stress of running a family home, have emerged among a list of things the older generation DO NOT miss about being younger.

Homme's story will be broadcast on Friday, October 6.

CBeebies lands Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme for its bedtime story slot

Rocker Josh Homme - frontman of Queens Of The Stone Age - has signed up to read a CBeebies Bedtime Story.

Here's what you said in our poll about the summer holidays.

This is how you think the school holidays should be split

We asked and you answered.
Two out of five low-paid young parents who ask for flexible work arrangements are penalised with fewer hours, worse shifts and even losing their job. Pic: PA.

Young parents penalised for requesting flexible working

Two out of five low-paid young parents who ask for flexible work arrangements are "penalised" with fewer hours, worse shifts and even losing their job, says a new report.
How should the school holidays be split?

Do you think the school holidays should change?

The summer holidays are drawing to a close - but have they been long enough for you?

Parents think children should be able to ride a bike at the age of seven.

Revealed: The ages at which parents think children should achieve life's milestones

Children should be able to ride a bike at seven, tie their shoelaces at eight and have their own door key when they're 14, according to North East parents.
Have you got one of these?

Cot mobile recalled over choking fears

A cot mobile has been recalled by its manufacturer due to fears that a part could present a choking hazard.

Are your kids leaving home next month?

'Empty nest syndrome' when kids leave for university 'can wreck marriage'

Empty Nest Syndrome - when grown up kids leave home to go to university - can wreck the marriage of long-suffering parents.

There are ways to avoid your children racking up big mobile phone bills.

How to avoid your kids ringing up big mobile phone bills

Mobile phones plus children can equal a big bill shock for parents.

Would you use the app?

New app forces kids to reply to parents’ texts

A father was so fed up with his teenage son ignoring his messages that he created an app - to force him to text back.

Do you give your kids the same advice you got from your mum and dad?

50 nuggets of wisdom every parent should pass on to their kids

Parents hand down the same 29 nuggets of wisdom to their children that their own parents did - including 'get an education' and 'always try your best'.

Some of the painted rocks. Picture: Jeni McAuley.

This fun family activity is taking the North East by storm - here's how you can get involved

It's August - and we've all been there.
What's the going rate for the tooth fairy in your house?

How much does the tooth fairy pay children in the North East?

Just how much are your little ones' pearly whites worth?

How will you get the kids motivated this summer?

Shaping Up: Seven tips to get the kids active

Every year it seems harder and harder to get kids off the sofa, or to put down the iPad for a minute and go out for some fresh air and exercise.

The "five in one" vaccine offered to babies is to be replaced with a "six in one" immunisation for babies born from today. Picture: PA.

Babies to be offered new 'six in one' jab

The "five in one" vaccine offered to babies is to be replaced with a "six in one" immunisation for babies born from today.

Asda has withdrawn the own-brand nappies as a precaution.

Asda withdraws own-brand newborn nappies after baby suffers 'chemical reaction'

Asda has withdrawn an own-brand nappy for newborn babies from sale after a father claimed his son suffered a "chemical reaction" to the product.

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