Confused children think fish fingers are made from chicken

Cheese comes from plants, tomatoes grow underground and fish fingers are made of chicken - at least that is according to many of the nation's youngsters.
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Will you be getting the school uniform from Aldi?

Aldi announce school uniforms for a fiver

Today's lesson, parents? Where can you get a school uniform for a fiver?
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Do you fancy giving the obstacle course a try?

Are you brave enough to try out this inflatable obstacle course?

The world’s longest, continuous, inflatable obstacle course is coming to the region - but will you be brave enough to have a go?
Families enjoyed a day of fun at Bilton Hall.

Day of celebration as family event is held in Jarrow

Families enjoyed a day of celebration after a carnival came to a South Tyneside community centre.

Siobhan Hatch from South Shields. Picture: PA.

South Shields mum 'grateful to be alive' after paralysis caused by life-threatening nerve syndrome

A pole-dancing mum-of-two thought her "kinky boots" had caused her agonising pins and needles – only to learn they were an early symptom of an illness, which days later left her paralysed.
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How long does it take to put your toddler to bed?

Average toddler bedtime routine in UK takes an hour and a half

The bedtime routine is something every parent struggles with at some point - you are not alone.

A baby is spoon fed by her mum. Picture: Andrew Stuart.

Spoon-feeding babies ‘doubles their risk of obesity’

Choosing to spoon-feed your baby could be putting them at risk of obesity, an expert claims.
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There are lots of ways to bring family memories to life.

How to make the most of your family's precious memories

Most families have photographs, films, treasures, stories and memories that hold a special place in their hearts, even though they’re gathering dust in the attic.

Yorkshire Museum/PA Wire

Museum uses virtual reality mask to bring viking camp back to life

The sights and sounds of a Viking army camp have been brought to life through state-of-the-art virtual reality.
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Encourage your kids to get out into the garden.

Helping your children to get green fingers

Keeping children occupied, and getting them to eat fruit and vegetables, can be really tough for parents.


Ask family expert: How to support your children during exams

Q: My son is about to take his exams and I’m worried about his future if he doesn’t do well.

What is the right age for crossing the road alone? Picture: Shutterstock.

'Kids shouldn’t be allowed to cross the road alone until they are 14' say scientists

Children aren't safe crossing the road on their own until they're 14, say scientists.

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Do you and your partner have a 'date night'?

The importance of parents’ date nights

As a dad of two daughters with all the fun, craziness and noise they produce, I often find myself looking forward to the silence.

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Children should be encouraged to learn the value of money from an early age.

Why making your kids money-savvy from a young age adds up

Money skills are a vital part of everyday life – and new research underlines why it pays to start learning from an early age.

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The new Tax Free Childcare scheme could leave you quids in.

Are you claiming all the childcare help you're entitled to?

Parents take note: There’s a new kid on the block that could mean up to £2,000 to help towards childcare costs.

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Spots are the thing which worry teenagers most about their appearance.

Children start worrying about their appearance aged just 12

Children start to worry about their appearance at the tender age of 12, a study has found.
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Parents forking out thousands of pounds to help children leave home

Parents of children approaching adulthood can expect to spend £2,500 easing their offspring out of the family nest, research suggests.

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Have you bought any of these?

Kids’ rusks recalled over allergy fears

Krunchi Foods is recalling three cake rusk products because they contain egg, wheat and milk which are not correctly declared on the labels.

Jon Platt arrives at court with wife Sally. Picture: PA.

Would being fined put you off taking children on holiday during term time?

A father has lost a landmark legal battle at the UK's highest court over taking his daughter to Disney World during school term time.
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