That was entertainment, South Tyneside style

Entertainment comes in all forms – for as well as the professionals pictured here, we have images of some talented locals.

Farouk Hussein serves drinks from the new cocktail bar at the Shanti Tandoori in December 1984.

Some favourite South Tyneside eating places

Lips would undoubtedly have been smacking when we raised the subject of the food and drink you used to enjoy.

What are your memories of learning to drive?

100 lessons and a test in a lorry - your memories of learning to drive

With the new driving test looming, I wondered what memories readers had of the time they attempted to secure their licence.

Princess Balroubadour, Dorothy Ramm; Vizier, Ron Markwick; So-Sho, Liz Ayre; Emperor, Jack Parkinson back in  January 1975 .

Memories of the wonderful Westovians

There’s a real mix of costumes and make-up among these local actors and actresses who were pictured over the years putting on various shows for South Tyneside audiences.

Westovians Junior section staging  Outward Bound in 1987.

Westovians stage shows of the past

Today the curtain rises on some splendid pictures that chart a little bit of the history of the Westovian Dramatic Society.

A copy of the invoice.

From an ash toilet slum to a luxury new home in South Shields

Quite a long time ago, reader Stephen Gray kindly sent me a number of items and associated words relating to his and his family’s times in South Shields.

Watching the troops walk by.

We will never forget our war heroes

As we prepare to observe a minute’s silence on Remembrance Sunday to honour the men and women who gave up their lives for this country of ours, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to present a pictorial portrait of uniformed service personnel from days gone by.

When two Sunderland-built ships became the centre of an intriguing Cold War dispute

When two Sunderland-built ships became the centre of an intriguing Cold War dispute

A contract won by Bartram and Sons in 1948 to build two motor tankers for Gdynia America Shipping Lines (later Polish Ocean Lines) lead to an intriguing Cold War dispute.

Customers at Banwell's nightclub collected tins for the elderly and needy.

When nightclubbers helped South Tyneside’s needy

Sad to say that some things have moved on little in the 32 years since this photograph was taken.

Owner  of the Cavern, the Sports 21 Club, South Shields, Jack Leighton and his manager Charles Spencer, pictured in 1964.

Looking back at local pubs and clubs

Public houses come in all shapes and sizes, with most having their own peculiarities and, some would say, “personalities”.

Maxwells -  Do It Yourself shop in Boldon Lane, which was formerly the Boldon Co-op store.

Shopping for luxuries and life’s essentials on South Tyneside

When it comes to shopping, there are some things we would like to buy and others that we simply have to buy – the essentials in life.

Memory Lane  September 1966   hairdressing  beauty
Jennifer Laws  - Miss Mariner and Miss Sportswear

Memories of Binns salon - where you came out feeling like ‘Rockerfeller’

I always knew you were a cut above, so when I wondered whether the old Binns store in South Shields had a hairdressers, you were quick to come up with the answer, and provide a great many snipping and styling memories of the past.


Do you remember these South Tyneside sports teams of the past?

Were you a sporting hero during your school days?

A Guy Fawkes bonfire in 1986.

The changing face of Guy Fawkes’ Night

There was a time when scary masks were made or bought to decorate the “penny for the Guy” in the run-up to Bonfire Night.

The Empress Street/Ellesmere Street area, off Mile End Road, in 1969.

Chilly trips to outside toilets on South Tyneside

With bonfire night almost upon us and the cold days of winter following fast, readers remember November 5 as it was before the advent of organised fireworks displays – and the home comforts that most of us now take for granted.

Brigham and Cowans shipyard and the Tyne Dock Engineering Company in  May 1958.

Busy waterfront scenes of a Tyne and time of the past

They were the titans of the Tyne, the ships, the cranes and the cavernous yards that gave birth to vessels that sailed the seas, both near and far.

The Empress Street/Ellesmere Street area, off Mile End Road, in June 1969.

Terraced houses, tin baths and outside toilets

Slugs in the pantry, tin baths and outside toilets were just some of the memories brought to mind by readers who remember living in terraced houses in South Tyneside in days gone by.

Hairdressing in 1976.

Could you get your hair cut at Binns in South Shields?

There were some places where men feared to tread – one of which was a ladies’ hairdressers.


How Americanised Halloween has taken over from Guy Fawkes’ Night

It’s funny how you don’t see children asking for “a penny for the Guy” any more.

South Shields Roman Fort in November 1975.

Digging way back to the days when the Romans ruled South Shields

The Roman Fort at the Lawe, in South Shields, provides a fascinating link between the present and the past – and the days of the Roman Empire.

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