More memories of South Shields’ De La Salle ‘family’

Today we feature a few more pictures tracing the history of a South Shields group which has helped shape the development of thousands of young townspeople.

Joanne Froggatt as Mary Ann Cotton.

Sunderland serial killer Mary Ann Cotton played by Downton Abbey star in new TV drama

Sunderland serial killer Mary Ann Cotton is being brought to life in a new TV drama starting on Halloween.
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De la Salle members from the past.

Remembering golden days of South Shields’ youth group

Recent mention of the De la Salle youth group in South Shields prompted a lot of calls and emails from past and present members.

Liz Henderson of Tyneside Ladies pictured in 1991.

A pictorial portrait of life in South Shields

Here’s something old and not so old – with pictures dating from the 1920s to 1991.

Air raid damage to Barrington Street.

How Sidney took his revenge on the Germans who bombed his hometown

Today we conclude the remarkable story of local lad Sidney Falconer, who took to the skies with the RAF to get back at the Germans who bombed his home town during the Second World War.

A Stirling bomber like the one Falconer flew.

How South Shields’ captain courageous saved the lives of his crew

Today we continue the story of South Shields-born Flight Lieutenant Sidney Godfrey Falconer, who was twice honoured for his bravery.

Market Place following an air raid.

Pay-back time for bombings

Today local historian Dorothy Ramser begins her fascinating account of a local lad who, having seen the death and destruction brought about in his home town by the German Luftwaffe, decided to do something about it – in the most dramatic and daring way.

This air raid caused extensive damage in Barrington Street.

When the wraith of the Reich rained down on South Shields

Last weekend a poignant service was held in South Shields to pay tribute to the people who lost their lives 75 years ago during an air raid on the town.

The mine closures had a devastating impact on North East communities.

On this day in 1992, 31,000 miners lost their jobs at the stroke of a pen

It has been exactly 24 years since the British coal mining industry was dealt a heavy blow when the Government announced the closure of 31 out of 50 deep coal mines across the country.

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Beamish Museum Director, Richard Evans celebrates with Babycham at a street party set in the 1950s being held at Beamish Museum, County Durham.

Beamish to rock back to ‘50s after winning £10million lottery grant

Beamish will be rocking back the clock to the 1950s after securing a £10.9million grant to create a major new attraction at the County Durham museum.

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Avro and Anne at their wedding at Kensington Register Office.

Filmmaker’s breakthrough in piecing together South Shields Baron’s story

Recently I reported how an appeal from local film-maker Gary Wilkinson for information regarding the Italian-born aristocrat Baron Avro Manhattan had brought a response from a family friend, now living in Germany.

PJ and Duncan in action at Sunderland Empire back in 1995.

When Ant and Dec were PJ and Duncan – did you catch these shows?

Today Ant and Dec are two of our best known and most liked TV hosts.


When Bros performed live in South Shields at Arbeia Roman Fort

It was a gig like no other when Bros landed in a fictional space ship and performed flanked by roman soldiers in South Shields.
More pictures from the Jarrow March, which set off 80 years agao this week

More pictures from the Jarrow March, which set off 80 years agao this week

Today we continue our photographic look-back at the Jarrow March, which look place 80 years ago this week.

The marchers take a well-earned rest to read letters from back home.

Jarrow March: We salute the 200 men who walked to London

Today we continue our pictorial tribute to mark the 80th anniversary of the Jarrow March.

The marchers are seen with supporters along the route.

The Jarrow Crusade winds its way to London

Today we feature more images of the Jarrow Marchers, who began their journet to London 80 years ago this week.

Houghton Feast Parade 1994  old  ref number 24981

Pictures of Houghton Feasts from yesteryear

Houghton Feast is an annual attraction which has certainly been a colourful event over the years.

The Jarrow March.

Marking the 80th anniversary of the Jarrow March

This week marks the 80th anniversary of the Jarrow March.

Dancing on South Tyneside.

Remembering the Harton Dye Works dance

As ever, you have been quick to put pen to paper or get onto social media to respond to recent articles.

Air raid damage.

The day German bombs claimed 67 lives in South Shields

This coming Sunday marks the 75th anniversary of a devastating attack on South Shields by German bombers during the Second World War.

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