Stumped by mystery addresses

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IF surnames can cause family genealogists headaches so can addresses, where they no longer exist.

They take us out among South Tyneside’s villages, where the naming of properties was often as informal as it was in our larger towns.

The first address is that of a birth which took place at what were called Browns Buildings, at Whitburn, in 1891.

Two years later, there was a second birth within the same family at somewhere called Chemist Cottages, at Marsden Colliery.

But it’s not been possible to find either address among what you might call the conventional records.

The nearest Browns Buildings my friend has been able to locate were pit cottages at Barley Mow, which is a bit out of the area, to say the least!

The words ‘Buildings’ and ‘Cottages’ were a common aspect of addresses in the 19th century.

In Boldon, for instance, you’d have found the likes of Laburnum Buildings, Store Buildings and Harpers Buildings. Cleadon had Old Hall Cottages, and Racecourse Cottages.

But I’ve not been able to find the two which have had my pal scratching his head.

Has anyone ever come across them?