This was a very different Morrison’s shop

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ONE of the appealing aspects of any old-established community is its continuity.

In respect of one of the old shops in Ocean Road in Shields, you may remember, it was that it had been a fishmongers since at least the turn of last century, until it was eventually given up by its last owners, the Henderson family.

I’ve since heard from reader Keith Harnor. He remembers it between times.

Keith says: “I knew Ian Henderson when he helped out his parents and also when he set up his driving school.

“But no doubt many of your older readers will also remember the shop as Morrison’s.

“They had it just pre-war and kept it until after the war was finished, until the Hendersons took it over, as far as I know.”

Keith’s mother and Jean Morrison, who was the owner’s daughter, were best friends.

“Her brothers were Bob and Ernest, if my memory is correct,” he says.

“Both my mother and Jean went to St John’s School and carried on to do secretarial training.”

Both joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) and were posted to Witney in Oxfordshire during the war.

Says Keith: “After the war, Bob carried on in the shop as Jean was by then living in London. I don’t know what year they gave the shop up.

“I hope some of your older readers might be able to remember the Morrisons.”

n Still on the subject of Shields families, the picture here is another from Elsie Deacon, a former pupil of St Hilda’s School in the town.

The folk here include the caretaker, Mr Foreman, The two ladies in the front were ‘Big’ Miss Young and ‘Little’ Miss Young.

But what’s also nice is that, on it too, is the Rev Ardagh-Walter, who was vicar of St Hilda’s Church, and his two children, twins Prudence and David.