South Shields club Roxanne’s caught playing music without a licence

RECORDED MUSIC BAN ... Roxanne's nightclub.
RECORDED MUSIC BAN ... Roxanne's nightclub.

A SOUTH SHIELDS nightspot has come under fire after playing music without a licence.

Roxanne’s, in Ocean Road, is the second town nightclub in two months to fall foul of the music licence police at London’s High Court.

The club was caught playing recorded music without permission from royalties collector, Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL).

One of the country’s leading judges, Mr Justice Mann imposed the sound of silence on Fabulous Leisure Ltd and ordered it to pay PPL’s legal costs of £2,043 within 14 days. Failure to obey the order until all licence fees are brought up to date would be regarded as contempt of court, which could mean fines of up to £10,000 and up to six months’ jail for any individuals responsible.

The judge was told that an inspector visited Roxanne’s and heard tracks including Who Do You Think You Are?, I Should Be So Lucky and Deeper Shade Of Blue when no licence was in force.

The ban applies to all forms of mechanically recorded music such as records, tapes and CDs in PPL’s repertoire.

The proprietors of Roxanne’s were unavailable for comment.

The order follows a similar one in May, when John Pringle, the proprietor of The Opal Lounge, also in Ocean Road, faced the legal music after he was caught by an inspector playing recorded tracks without a licence.

The Opal Lounge, in Ocean Road, South Shields, was barred from playing music by a judge at London’s High Court after it was discovered that tracks were being played at the venue without a licence.

Mr Pringle was also ordered to pay £1,899 in legal costs by May 21.

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