Anger after OAP injured in fall over ‘faulty’ pavement

'IT NEEDS FIXING' ... fruit seller Phil Parkinson at the problem pavement which is causing people to fall.
'IT NEEDS FIXING' ... fruit seller Phil Parkinson at the problem pavement which is causing people to fall.

A PENSIONER suffered facial injuries after falling over on a problem pavement in South Tyneside which was reported to be a danger last week.

The woman tripped on an insecure concrete slab in the tunnel under South Shields Metro Station, at about 10.30am yesterday – suffering serious facial injuries.

Problem pavement

Problem pavement

Traders at a nearby grocery stall who went to her aid are angry that, not only did she have to wait more than an hour for an ambulance to arrive, but the pavement fault had previously been reported to South Tyneside Council.

Phil Parkinson, of Fresh and Fruity, said a council employee came out last week to assess the raised edge after another shopper tripped.

He said he was told by the worker that nothing would be done because it failed a “50 pence piece test” – meaning the raised section was lower than the coin standing on its edge.

After the Gazette placed a call to the council, it emerged Metro owner Nexus owns the land.

Council workers visited the site last week after another pensioner tripped at the same spot. The matter was then passed on to Nexus.

Mr Parkinson said: “Every day we see people trip over it. It’s been like that for a while. People just don’t realise it’s there and they end up falling over.

“It’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured by that pavement, it needs fixing.”

“That poor old lady hurt herself badly and she was bleeding quite a lot from her head.

Nexus says it knows of no such test and will now be fixing the pavement.

South Tyneside Council wished to make no official comment on the matter.

Nexus has confirmed that it is responsible for the land and says it sent out a response team to assess the area yesterday afternoon.

A Nexus spokesman said: “This matter has been passed on to our infrastructure maintenance team so that repairs can be carried out.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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