Away the lads - Newcastle and Sunderland top mileage league

NEWCASTLE FANS ... clock up more miles than any other supporters.
NEWCASTLE FANS ... clock up more miles than any other supporters.

FANS of Newcastle United and Sunderland are already guaranteed to finish top of the table this season – in the awayday mileage chart.

A new study by the AA has calculated that members of the Toon Army will clock up a staggering 8,198 miles if they travel to every Premier League away fixture during the 2014/15 campaign.

And their Black Cat rivals will not be too far behind as they face an aggregate journey of 8,053 miles to see Gus Poyet’s team on the road.

In terms of petrol costs, Newcastle fans would spend about £1,077 and Sunderland fans £1,058 to drive to every away game.

Mark Spowage, AA patrolman of the year, said: “The Toon Army has a reputation for some of the most passionate and committed support in the land.

“They certainly need to be when they rack up about 8,200 miles and close to £1,100 in fuel travelling to all their away games. It was a nail-biting finish, though, with Sunderland and Swansea fans pushing them close.”

Aston Villa prop up the table in the travel stakes with fans only covering 4,237 miles – 3,961 fewer than Newcastle – saving them about £521 in fuel.

Manchester United finished 16th in the mileage table (4,587 miles), just behind their rivals Manchester City (5,097 miles).