Bob’s brush with retirement over

Bob Brabon

Bob Brabon

A TALENTED artist who has created dozens of charity paintings in memory of his late wife has vowed never to put down his brushes.

Bob Brabon took up painting after his wife of more than 50 years, Dorothy, died in 2008, at the age of 72, from a long battle with breast cancer.

Mr Brabon, of The Hollow, Fellgate, Jarrow, channelled his grief into producing art on demand to raise cash for charity.

Last October, after raising £6,000, the 77-year-old decided to call it a day as he was getting too tired.

But the former shipyard plumber’s mate then decided to carry on, and has since raised a further £1,500.

He said: “I had thought about it, but decided that I couldn’t give up.

I’ve been swamped with commissions since my last story went in the Gazette, and I’ve ended up raising another £1,500. But then I felt a bit of a fraudster, because everyone thought I was giving up and here I am still painting away.

“So I just want to let people know that I am still going strong and I am happy to take on new jobs.”

Mr Brabon charges about £40 for his work, many of which he copies from well-known paintings.

On average, he is now producing three pictures a week.

His most recent donations have been £300 to South Tyneside District Hospital’s stroke unit and £734 towards Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary’s children’s cancer ward.

He said: “I have decided I am going to carry on painting for as long as I possibly can.

“I enjoy it, and people are clearly pleased with the results.

“And, of course, lots of good causes are also benefiting from it too.

“And that’s the main thing.”

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