Bruiser the cat’s back from the dead

BACK HOME ... Ayesha Marston is reunited with cat Bruiser after he disappeared to Seaham.
BACK HOME ... Ayesha Marston is reunited with cat Bruiser after he disappeared to Seaham.

A CAT has used one of his nine lives – by coming back from the dead and turning up 13 miles from home.

Ayesha Marston was devastated when her cat Bruiser went missing last month and she was then informed by South Tyneside Council that his body had been picked up on Dean Road, South Shields.

But incredibly Ayesha, from Boldon Colliery, received a call last week to say Bruiser was alive and well – in Seaham, County Durham.

The 23-year-old office manager said: “I couldn’t believe it. I was just coming to terms with his death, then I received the call.

“An older couple were feeding him for a few days and they’d spotted his name tag, which had my number on.

“When they said they lived in Seaham, I was shocked, I’ve got no idea how he ended up there.”

The three-year-old cat went missing from home on Thursday, March 14.

“The next day, Ayesha rang local vets and notified the microchip company where Bruiser was registered, to see if anyone had handed him in.

However, on March 20, a vet rang to say a cat’s body, fitting Bruiser’s description, had been removed from Dean Road by the council.

Ayesha, who works for Jam Marketing, rang the authority right away, but had to wait until March 26 before she was told her cat had died.

She said: “They kept saying they’d call me back but never did. In the end, they said it was Bruiser, as the dead cat had the same blue collar and bell, I was devastated. But I’m not going to be angry or upset now, I’m just glad he is home.”

It’s not the first time the moggie has caused problems for his owner.

In September 2011, he cost Ayesha £2,000 when he needed his face reconstructing, after he went missing and turned up with a broken jaw and teeth.

She said: “When I was told he’d died, I stopped his heath insurance, but I am certainly going to get that sorted out.

“I don’t want to let him back outside again, but I’ll have to at some point because he hates being kept in. We’ve been calling him Lazarus since he came back from the dead.”

A spokesman from South Tyneside Council said: “We are pleased to hear the cat has returned to its owner safe and sound.

“It’s always great when a story like this has a happy ending.”

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