Cupcake firm’s festival delights

TASTY TREATS ... Joanne Welsh, right, and her mum, Ethel Hales, left, with Jean Christophe-Novelli.

TASTY TREATS ... Joanne Welsh, right, and her mum, Ethel Hales, left, with Jean Christophe-Novelli.

BAKERY experts from South Tyneside are cooking up a tasty treat for a food festival.

Independent South Shields bakers Cupcake and Co will be attending The Proper Food and Drink Festival next month.

Run by husband and wife team Daniel and Joanne Welsh, of Whiteleas, South Shields, the company is the only local vendor lined up to take part in the free festival, which will take place in Bents Park, South Shields.

Joanne, 39, who started the company five years ago, said she is pleased to be showing off the gastro delights which the borough has to offer.

She said: “The main reason we are looking forward to it is because there are very few events like this that take place in town.

“In all the years we have been doing food fairs, we have only exhibited in South Shields once, and that was two years ago. This is quite exciting.

“It’s something we are hoping will be a regular thing.”

Cupcake and Co, based in Rubens Avenue, South Shields, will exhibit a range of cakes and baked goods, some which will give visitors the chance to taste flavours of the North East, such as Russian cake.

The old-fashioned regional delicacy consists of a mix of different types of cake with alcohol.

Daniel, 33, said: “It’s so old and local that we couldn’t find a recipe for it online.

“There are certain types of ingredients that are kept regional specific too.

“The eggs are sourced locally from Durham and some fruits are from Corbridge, so we use ingredients which keep the food fresh.”

The Proper Food Festival will take on May 24 and May 26.

About 50 stalls will exhibit food and drinks, and there will be about 20 hot food and drink stalls, as well as bars and entertainment.

The first festival, which took place in North Shields last year, had about 10,000 visitors, and the organisers are hoping to repeat that success in South Shields this year.

“With us being based in town we want to see more things like this is town,” said Daniel.

“When we travel, we can see the knock-on benefits or all the local shops.”

For more details, call 07904 187 644 or e-mail info@properfoodanddrinksfestival.co.uk.

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