Facebook, Twitter and website users react to M&S quitting

BIG BLOW ... Marks & Spencer is pulling out of South Shields.

BIG BLOW ... Marks & Spencer is pulling out of South Shields.

READERS were quick to have their say on the Marks & Spencer closure announcement on our website and social networking sites.

Dozens of people left comments on the story after we broke the news yesterday lunchtime.

Papagray said: “A sad day for South Shields, when M&S pulls out not an attractive puller for other companies to move in! Parking was an issue, the price just kept going up and I myself just went elsewhere.”

Blogsworth added: “M&S has been dying on its feet, in South Shields, for years. The decision for it to move from clothing to a food orientated store rang the death knell ages ago.”

Shieldsborn wrote: “I am sure that expanding the Silverlink store will do wonders for M&S profits, suffice to say it will do nothing for South Shields shoppers, and even worse for the economy of the town.”

Zoe56 said: “Such a shame losing a piece of history and my favourite store.”

Kevr added: “Huge blow for the town, one of the few quality stores in King Street.”

Manors wrote: “Silverlink is very inaccessible unless you drive, King Street is well served by public transport, which means the store serves many elderly customers who rely on buses and the Metro.”

Gazette Reader12 said: “What a blow - especially to the older generation who love popping in there as part of their weekly routine. I know it’s business and it has to be sustainable - but its so sad for the folk who won’t be able to get to the Silverlink.”

Clampet added: “It’s such a shame for South Shields, it used to be a hub of activity especially Saturdays but as the saying goes, use it or lose it.”

How we broke the news that Marks & Spencer is quitting South Shields

On Twitter, our account @shieldsgazette also receives lots of responses.

How will #365 plan work if big names like Mothercare and M&S aren’t buying into it? Two more big empty shops.

Angela Reed (@angelareed82)

When exactly is this 365 plan going to kick in on the high street? All I’ve seen is shops shut.

India Adams (@Indiaadams)

Yet again we are trumped by our more ambitious North Tyne neighbours. Compare Silverlink to what we have!

Paul Dunn (@pauldunn6)

SOS ... Save Our Shields.

Steve Harland (@Stevenharland)

Rents can be reduced for anchor tenants, sure M&S could’ve stayed if the deal was right.

Rob Sampson (@Sammaz)

This town is a disgrace! You can never attract big names!

Gavin Wells (@gavwells77)

And our Facebook page was also inundated with messages.

If you don’t have a car, most people won’t be able to get there - Denise Merrifield

I am really disappointed, what decent shops will be left in King Street? - Lisa Bassett

So now that’s Mothercare, Greggs, Legends and now Marks & Spencer. There’s going to be nothing left in Shields - Hasena Meah

It was always busy as well.. I wonder how many of the staff will even move with the store? Another nail in South Shields’ coffin! - Peter Briggs

It’s a very sad state of affairs when one of the biggest names on the high street pull out. It’ll be like a ghost town very soon. What’s the point of this regeneration on the town centre if they can’t attract big-name stores? - Agnes George

Creating a new library hub is a total waste of time and money if the town is deserted. Sad to see how much South Shields has deteriorated - Graeme Barron




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