Laundry business looks all washed out

WASH AND GO? ... Shahine and Shareef Aminpour as they launched their laundry business.
WASH AND GO? ... Shahine and Shareef Aminpour as they launched their laundry business.

A NEW family laundry which hoped to make a clean sweep of customers in South Tyneside is facing closure.

Brothers Shanine and Shareef Aminpour launched SOS Laundry Services at Bede Industrial Estate, Jarrow, just a few months ago, investing £4,000 in the venture.

But high overheads and a smaller than hoped for customer base could force the business to close, unless it can relocate to smaller and less costly premises.

Initial publicity in the Gazette helped attract more than 20 new customers, but not enough to sustain the business.

Shahine, 24, decided to try self-employment after becoming the victim of council cuts, following the closure in 2010 of West Walpole Street Community Laundry, South Shields, where he used to work.

But SOS Laundry Services has not attracted enough customers to be financially viable, and rent and other overheads could mean the end of the business.

Mr Aminpour said: “It’s a big shame that we weren’t able to attract enough customers.

“We have had to put our current customers on hold.

“I’m devastated at the moment, because it looks as though we cannot afford to keep the Jarrow unit going.

“Really, the building is too big and we cannot afford the rent, but we are looking to relocate.”

Mr Aminpour revealed he is in talks about taking over a vacant unit in South Shields but the move will only be possible if he can source a loan or capital to get the smaller scale laundry off the ground.

He added: “If I can find the money, I will probably go it alone initially and try and build up the business in a much smaller unit, with far less overheads.”

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