By George! That’s a fine name for a prince

PARENTS AND BABY ... the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate, with little Prince George Alexander Louis.

PARENTS AND BABY ... the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate, with little Prince George Alexander Louis.

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PEOPLE in South Tyneside have royally endorsed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s decision to name newborn son George Alexander Louis.

He will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

Before the announcement, George had been the most popular name with the major betting firms.

James was also a favourite with punters, with Alexander, Henry, Louis, Richard and Arthur the next most popular choices.

It was widely expected that William and Kate would not stray far from convention and select anything too outlandish for a prince who is likely to reign one day and whose name could symbolise an era.

The naming happened quickly by historical royal standards.

Prince George’s father was not named for a week, and it took a month for the name of the baby’s paternal grandfather, Prince Charles, to be announced.

But what’s in a name – and does his arrival mark a positive new era for the British Royal family?

The answer is yes, according to the people we approached in King Street, South Shields.

Council worker Sharon Nicholson, 51, who lives off Harton Lane, South Shields, could barely contain her enthusiasm at the name choice.

She explained: “I was hoping all along that it would be George, because my dad was called George.

“He was my hero and he passed away three years ago or so. It’s a good old fashioned name and I was delighted that they picked it.

“I heard that someone had put a bet on the name being Ryland, but I could never see that happening.

“I knew they’d go for something with a tradition behind it.

“I was never a Royalist before Diana came along, but I really like the younger royals, Harry and William and Kate. I think the Royal Family is in safe hands.”

It was a feeling seconded by Asda checkout operator Lorraine McCabe, 50, from South Shields, who said: “I think Lady Di would have been so proud of William and Kate.

“She would have loved to see her grandson and it’s sad she’s missing out on all of this.”

Hairdresser Lisa Mountain, 41, of Simonside, South Shields, said: “I love George. I think it’s the perfect choice, although I wouldn’t have minded if his first name had been Louis. It would be good to have a future King Louis, even if it is a bit French-sounding.

“I’m not a great Royalist but the family does generate a lot of money for the economy from tourism.

“This latest birth strengthens the Royal family, with three heirs to the throne lined up.”

Part-time dinner lady Angela Walters, 49, from Marsden, added: “George is very traditional, but I think they could have put Spencer in his name, in acknowledgment of Princess Diana.”

Hebburn-born Steve McDonald, 50, who now lives in Newcastle, said: “I think George fits in with the Royal lineage, but let’s remember that’s not necessarily the name he’ll choose to be known as when he becomes king.

“Remember the Queen’s father was christened as Albert, but was known as Bertie and was crowned as George. Whatever his name, he’s in for a long wait to take up the throne.”

South Shields shopper Paul Irvine, 54, added: “I’m just glad they didn’t go for a trendy name.”


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