Council chief’s praise for Labour leader Ed Miliband

CONFERENCE PLEDGES ... Labour leader Ed Miliband.
CONFERENCE PLEDGES ... Labour leader Ed Miliband.

THE Labour leader of South Tyneside Council has heaped praise on Ed Miliband after his speech at his party’s conference in Brighton.

Coun Iain Malcolm was on hand to see the Labour leader pledge to freeze energy prices, scrap the ‘bedroom tax’ and create more apprenticeships.

With poor personal opinion ratings, Mr Miliband was under pressure to deliver.

And he delivered, according to Coun Malcolm, who is at the conference.

He believes the speech will “seal the deal” with the British people, adding: “Ed laid out concrete proposals which I believe will be popular, but also crucial to creating the one nation country he is striving to build.

“Freezing energy prices, abolishing the unfair bedroom tax, creating an all embracing healthcare system, freezing business rates for Britain’s 1.5 small businesses, supporting the creation of new apprenticeships, they are firm proposals to build Britain’s recovery and support hard-working families.”

Coun Malcolm said Mr Miliband was in firm control of Labour and would be “leading from the front” in next year’s local and European elections as well as fighting to save the United Kingdom by encouraging the Scottish people to vote “no” to independence next September.

He added: “Ed made a point to praise the people of the North East, and the contribution the region makes to the national economy.”

He received loud cheers from Northern delegates and we are looking forward to welcoming Ed to the region in October.

“We are not complacent, and we take no vote for granted. Ed has been the subject of bitter personal attacks during the summer by the right-wing press because of his principled stand against Murdoch, but I think he has demonstrated he has the determination to win the next election, not just for Labour, but for Britain.”