Alcoholic’s drunken tirade at police

DRUNK ... Wayne Mathison.

DRUNK ... Wayne Mathison.

A CHRONIC alcoholic told police ‘I will kill the lot of you’ during a drunken tirade as they arrested him.

Police had been called to the home Wayne Mathison shares with his parents after they wanted his brother removed from the property.

But when they arrived at the address in Constable Gardens, South Shields, they found the 29-year-old being abusive towards them.

Glenda Beck, defending, said: “At 7.18pm on Saturday, January 11, police were called to an address on Constable Gardens as the occupants wanted their son out of the house.

“When they arrived, the defendant was at the bottom of the stairs swearing and saying he didn’t want to leave.

“He was handed his coat by police but said ‘If you touch me, I will break your arm.

“He continued to shout and swear and both his parents asked him to leave.

“He was so agitated he wouldn’t listen to them.

“He showed signs of drunkenness.

“The decision was taken to physically remove him from the address.

“An attempt was made to restrain him and he said ‘I will kill the lot of you’.

“He was handcuffed and arrested.”

Mathison pleaded guilty to a charge of disturbing the peace at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

Valerie Bell, defending, said: “Mr Mathison does have chronic alcohol problems and can’t recall much of what happened on the night.

“He lives at Constable Gardens with his parents, and police were initially called to remove his brother from the house.

“He accepts his behaviour wasn’t as it should have been.

“He has spent two nights in the cells following his arrest.”

Magistrates bound over Mathison to keep the peace for a period of three months for the sum of £50.


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