Ex-vet accused of killing man during S&M sex

KIRK THOMPSON ... is accused of killing a man during extreme, drug-fuelled sadomasochistic sex.

KIRK THOMPSON ... is accused of killing a man during extreme, drug-fuelled sadomasochistic sex.

A FORMER vet killed a man as they engaged in extreme drug-fuelled sadomasochistic sex, before leaving his body under a duvet and having sex with another man, a court has heard.

Kirk Thompson, 46, is accused of the manslaughter of David Kochs, 43, which was alleged to have happened at his home in Dulverton Court, Jesmond, on March 2 last year.

During the incident he is said to have burnt and cut Mr Kochs and caused severe internal injuries after they had made contact on the internet.

Opening the prosecution case, Robert Smith QC told the jury: “The case you are to try over the next few weeks as the jury in this trial is an unusual one. It’s also a very disturbing one.”

He told Newcastle Crown Court that both men had been taking the drug crystal meth when they engaged in the violent episode.

The jury was told that the defendant “enjoyed inflicting pain on others” and that night he boasted on the internet about the kind of activity the two had engaged in.

During the evening, the court heard, at some point Thompson became aware that Mr Kochs was either dead or unconscious and covered him with a duvet on the floor of his living room.

He then had sex with another man he invited round and had also met online as the body of Mr Kochs lay in the flat.

The next morning, after the second man had left, Mr Thompson messaged his father and said: “Can you come down immediately, something tragic has happened, just you not Mum please ASAP.”

On arriving at the flat, his father quickly dialled 999 and paramedics and the police arrived at the scene.

They arrested Thompson, who told them they had engaged in “extreme, no limits, anything goe sex”, but he believed Mr Kochs had been asleep and that was why he covered him with the duvet.

Mr Thompson denies the charges of manslaughter, unlawful wounding and assault, but has admitted possessing crystal meth.

The case continues.


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