Ex-vet convicted over man’s extreme sex-session death

FACING JAIL ... Kirk Thompson has been convicted of manslaughter.

FACING JAIL ... Kirk Thompson has been convicted of manslaughter.

A FORMER vet who killed a man during an extreme sado-masochist sex session has been convicted of manslaughter.

After the horrific killing, Kirk Thompson covered the body of David Kochs with a duvet in his living room and had sex with someone else nearby.

Thompson had cut Mr Kochs with knives, stapled his lips together, burnt him, caused 44 deep wounds to his back with a riding crop and caused severe internal injuries to him using an electric toothbrush and metal rod.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the men had met over a gay website and agreed to get together for a sex session at Thompson’s home on March 1 last year.

When police arrived at the flat in Jesmond, Newcastle, the following morning Mr Kochs, 43, was dead on the living room floor wearing only a pair of leather ankle boots, partially covered by a duvet and surrounded by instruments

and objects that had caused his fatal injuries.

Thompson, 46, told police he had engaged in “extreme, no limits” sex with the man after taking crystal meth.

He had then invited another man to his home for a sex session as the victim, who he said he thought was sleeping, lay dead.

Thompson told jurors Mr Kochs had been silent during while some of the extreme and obviously incredibly painful actions were done to him.

He said: “I assumed it was his style”.

Thompson, of Dulverton Court, Jesmond, denied manslaughter and assault causing bodily harm.

After a trial at Newcastle Crown Court, jurors found him guilty of both charges.

Mr Justice Globe told adjourned the sentence until today.

The judge warned Thompson, who was visibly shaken: “There is only one sentence that can be imposed, and it has to be a custodial sentence.”

He rejected an application for Thompson to be given bail overnight and remanded him in custody.


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