Extreme-sex killer who mutilated dead victim gets 10 years

KIRK THOMPSON ... received 10 years for manslaughter after killing a man during extreme sex.

KIRK THOMPSON ... received 10 years for manslaughter after killing a man during extreme sex.

A SADOMASOCHIST sex killer who used veterinary tools to mutilate his dead victim was today been jailed for 10 years.

Former Government vet Kirk Thompson, 46, caused severe internal injuries to David Kochs, who was also cut, burnt and whipped with a riding crop.

When the 43-year-old victim lay dead in his living room, Thompson mutilated the body further, before inviting another man to his house for sex.

A High Court judge, sitting at Newcastle Crown Court, said the second man who former choirboy Thompson had sex with that night had a lucky escape.

Mr Justice Globe branded Thompson a danger to the public and sentenced him to 10 years’ imprisonment, with a five-year extended licence period.

The judge said the killing was for Thompson’s “sadistic pleasure” and told him: “What you did to David Kochs was unusual, exceptional and undoubtedly dangerous and unlawful.”

The court heard Thompson had inserted an electric toothbrush, a metal rod and various foodstuffs into his victim with such force it caused catastrophic internal damage.

As well as the damage inside Mr Kochs, he had deep wounds to his back from the riding crop, his lips had been stapled together and he had cuts and burns to his body.

A pathologist said he had “never seen anything like it” in all his years of medical work.

The judge added: “You spend many hours mutilating the body with numerous cuts and burns to various parts of his body, including significant damage to the genital area.

“You had to your disposal specialist surgical cutting equipment you had acquired through your veterinary background, together with many other items of a sadomasochist nature.”

The court heard a total of seven bloodstained knives were found in the room where Mr Kochs died, at Thompson’s plush flat in Dulverton Court, Jesmond, Newcastle, last March.

As Mr Kochs lay dead, Thompson posted on internet chat sites that he was having “an extreme session”.

He said on one site: “I’m cutting, bleeding, piercing a guy on crystal. I’m having such an extreme night, I don’t believe what I’m doing.”

The court heard after Mr Kochs was dead and mutilated, he was covered with a duvet and left in the living room while Thompson had sex with another man he had invited to his home.

At the time of his death Mr Kochs had enough crystal meth in his system to kill him, and had been severely affected by it.

The court heard Thompson shared what was left of the crystal meth and another drug with the second man.

The judge said: “I strongly suspect your supply to him was designed to see if their effect would enable you to carry on with like sadistic activity.

“That man may well have been fortunate the reaction he had taking the drug was not as debilitating as that suffered by David Kochs.”

Thompson’s defence team claimed he had displayed his true remorse for what he did while he gave evidence from the witness box.

But the judge rejected his claim, and said: “The emotion was all about you, it was not about David Kochs or those left behind who have to live with the consequences of his death.

He said he was satisfied Thompson poses “a significant risk to members of the public of serious harm”.

The judge commended the officers who brought the case against Thompson, which involved highly complex medical evidence.

He also praised Mr Koch’s grieving family and friends for their dignified behaviour during the four week case.

Thompson was convicted of manslaughter and assault after a trial. He had admitted possession of crystal meth.


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