Graffiti vandal was caught red-handed



A GRAFFITI vandal who was caught bang to ‘writes’ after daubing an offensive message about a police officer on a garage wall, will have to wait another week to learn his punishment.

Daniel Gray was spotted spraypainting the wall to the rear of the Finchale shops in Hebburn at about 11pm on Saturday, October 19, and was traced through his own ‘tag’.

Police were able to find that Gray was the culprit as his tag was ‘Gravy – the alias by which he is known by fellow graffit artists in the town.

Gray, of Scarborough Parade in Hebburn, admitted criminal damage at an earlier hearing at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

He was back at the court yesterday for sentencing, but the matter was adjourned to allow probation officers to see if Gray would be eligible for a drug rehabilitation requirement.

The court had heard that cannabis was a factor in the 22-year-old’s offending.

Paul Doney, prosecuting, said: “A witness saw a man painting on the garage. The words ‘Gravy’ was written in large letters underneath the message. Gravy is the name used by the defendant and he was tracked to his home address where police arrested him. He subsequently admitted the offence.”

Gray also admitted committing the offence while the subject of two separate 12 month community disorders at the earlier hearing – one imposed on January 10 of this year for possession of a Class B drug and another handed out on February 12 for an offence of receiving stolen goods.

David Hatfield, defending, said: “He smokes a large amount of cannabis. He was under the influence of cannabis when commiting this offence. Cannabis is a driver for his offending.

“One way to deal with this would be to attach a community supervision order so his cannabis use can be addressed.”

Gray was bailed to return to court on Friday.

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