Graffiti yob back in dock for ignoring court order

CURFEW ... graffiti artist Daniel Gray.

CURFEW ... graffiti artist Daniel Gray.

A GRAFFITI artist landed himself back in court after taking friends’ advice and not bothering to comply with a community order.

Daniel Gray was slapped with a 12-month order and ordered to do 80 hours of unpaid work at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court last month, after admitting spray-painting a garage wall behind the Finchale Road shops in Hebburn in October last year.

He was traced by police after leaving his own ‘tag’ on the wall before being arrested.

Officers were able to find out that the 22-year-old due to his tag of ‘gravy’ – the alias by which he is known – which was spray-painted underneath the abusive message.

Gray failed to attend an induction meeting for his 12 months of supervision with the probation service and didn’t turn up for appointments on January 15 and 22.

He is also yet to complete any of the 80 hours of unpaid work.

Gray, of Scarborough Parade, Hebburn, admitted breaching the order at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

His defence solicitor, David Hatfield, said he had listened to “unhelpful advice” from friends.

Mr Hatfield said: “When Mr Gray was given the order, he was with friends who gave him some unhelpful advice, which I won’t go into. I have given him advice which I hope he will listen to.

“Those other people giving him advice won’t have to suffer.

“He will be the one who suffers if he doesn’t engage with the order.”

“I have told him if he doesn’t comply, the court will take further steps to punish him.”

Chairman of the magistrates, Malcolm Grady, allowed the supervision order to continue but ordered Gray to take part in a re-engagement programme with the probation service to ensure he adheres to the sentence in future.

He told Gray: “You were given a sentence on January 7 and you are required to complete it. There are no buts about it. The best advice is – just do it.”

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