Jilted teen jailed for biting ex-girlfriend’s lip

CORY PATTERSON ... jailed for biting a chunk out of his ex-girlfriend's lip.

CORY PATTERSON ... jailed for biting a chunk out of his ex-girlfriend's lip.

A TEENAGE girl had a chunk bitten out of her lip when she tried to end a relationship with her boyfriend.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Katy Allen, 18, was left with a 1.5cm piece of skin missing from her mouth after Cory Patterson attacked her in November.

Yesterday, Patterson, 18, of Cheviot Road, South Shields, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in a young offenders’ institution after pleading guilty to wounding with intent.

Judge John Evans told him: “As far as she was concerned, your relationship was at an end.

“I dare say, from your point of view, that might have been difficult to accept. She was entitled to make that decision and for you not to respond in the appalling way that you did.”

The court heard the then couple had been at a friend’s house when an argument broke out, and Miss Allen decided to bring their six-month relationship to an end.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister told the court: “He put his head against hers and bit her lower lip.

“She described him biting on the lip full force, causing considerable pain.

“She pushed him away and pulled away herself, and there was blood on her clothing.” The court heard after the attack Patterson tried to cuddle his victim and said “what have I done?”.

Miss Allen said the attack caused her considerable pain and knocked her confidence.

Judge Evans said either nature or the skill of the surgeons has made her scar a lot less prominent than feared.

Miss Allen told police she relived what happened “over and over again”.

John Wilkinson, defending, said Patterson struggles to speak about what he did due to feelings of guilt, and becomes tearful when he does.

Mr Wilkinson also handed in a number of references from people made on Patterson’s behalf.

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