Machete attack man’s sentence cut on appeal

A DRINKER caged for nine years, after slashing a man and stabbing his wife during a pub knife fight, has had his jail term cut on appeal.

Kevin Moore was jailed after an armed brawl broke out at the Jester pub in Tasmania Road, South Shields, in July 2012.

Moore, 45, of Hunters House, Walker, Newcastle, was sentenced to nine years having been convicted of violent disorder, two counts of wounding with intent and two of possessing offensive weapons.

Yesterday, at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, that was cut to seven.

After violence broke out in the pub, spilling into the street, Moore, armed with a knife and a meat cleaver, slashed a man across the back and stabbed his wife in the leg.

He said he acted in self-defence and to protect women who were with him, and told police he had the cleaver as he had been going to a barbecue and intended to use it to chop spare ribs.

His lawyers appealed against his convictions, claiming his trial was unfair as the judge had let the jury know about a previous offence he had committed – in which he punched a man he believed had stolen his dog – saying it unfairly prejudiced jurors against him.

Dismissing his conviction appeal, Mr Justice Bean said his previous conviction was relevant to the jury’s decision as it tended to show Moore “had the propensity to be an aggressor”.

But he cut Moore’s jail term accepting there had been “heavy defensive elements” to his actions.


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