Making a mark in fight against crime

MARK YOUR PROPERTY ... says Inspector Peter Sutton.

MARK YOUR PROPERTY ... says Inspector Peter Sutton.

POLICE are offering a helping hand to people to protect their new bikes and gadgets from thieves.

Officers will be at the Haven Point leisure centre in South Shields next Saturday for the first property logging event of 2014.

People are being invited to bring along their new gadgets and bikes to have the details entered on a national database.

This means if these items are lost or stolen and later recovered, they can be returned to their rightful owners.

As well as bike marking, officers will also be asking people to bring along mobile phones, laptops, iPads and iPods.

Police will be at the centre in Pier Parade from 10am until 1pm.

Neighbourhood Inspector Peter Sutton said: “A lot of money is spent every year at Christmas on bikes and other items, including mobile phones, laptops and tablets. The last thing people want is to see those gifts end up in the hands of criminals.”

As well as offering residents the chance to have their property logged, officers will also be on hand to offer crime prevention advice to help people protect their bikes and gadgets from thieves.

Insp Sutton added: “This is an ideal opportunity for people to come along, meet police and have their property entered on a national database which is used by police to not only determine whether items recovered have been stolen, but to also trace the rightful owners of property that has been recovered.

“By having items logged, it will make returning things a much quicker process.

“There is only so much the police can do to help people protect their bikes and other items from thieves – and hosting this crime prevention drive is one of them.”

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