New mum admits cell attack on police officer

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A NEW mum lashed out at a custody officer at South Shields police station after she was arrested over a dispute with her estranged partner’s family, a court was told.

Kay Thompkins, 18, of Sycamore Avenue, South Shields, ended up in the cells following the altercation on November 20.

Thompkins had given birth in August last year, but she is no longer with the child’s father.

On the day of her arrest, she was involved in a dispute with the child’s grandparents over access to the newborn tot.

After her arrest, she was taken to the town’s police station, where she struggled violently with a custody officer in a cell.

She kicked out at the officer, leaving her with swelling to the left side of her face and a sore hip.

Afterwards, Thompkins, who has no previous criminal convictions, apologised for her behaviour.

Appearing before magistrates in South Tyneside, she admitted assaulting the custody officer.

She was given a six-month conditional discharge, ordered to pay £50 compensation to the custody officer, plus £85 costs and a £15 surcharge.

Val Bell, defending, said: “She did not intentionally assault anyone but accepts that she was reckless.

“The officer in question did not require any medical attention or went off duty.

“The original dispute related to the former partner’s mother wanting to see the child. She had no problem with that but wanted to be there when she did.”


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