Nile Ranger takes to Twitter after being cleared of rape

CLEARED ... former Newcastle United footballer Nile Ranger.

CLEARED ... former Newcastle United footballer Nile Ranger.

FORMER Newcastle United footballer Nile Ranger has taken to Twitter to thank those who backed him as he was tried for an alleged rape.

The 22-year-old striker denied the charge, saying that although he and his alleged victim did have sex, it was consensual.

Yesterday, after a week-long trial, he was cleared of rape at Newcastle Crown Court.

Ranger and the woman had met in a city centre bar and gone on to different clubs before eventually booking into the Carlton Hotel, in Jesmond, Newcastle.

The woman said in evidence that she had no memory of the night after the first bar they were in until she woke up naked next to Ranger in bed.

Ranger told her she should take the morning-after pill. She left and they continued to swap messages that day, the court heard.

She then visited her GP, was checked at hospital and made a rape allegation to police.

After being arrested Ranger, now playing for Swindon Town, told the police they had sex more than once, and that she had engaged “wholeheartedly” and “enthusiastically”.

The court heard that the pair had been messaging for a year before the incident, with Ranger often trying to meet up with her.

This had led the student to refer to him as a “predator” and “Nile Ripper” in some texts they exchanged.

After the foreman of the jury delivered the ‘not guilty’ verdict, Ranger banged on the sides of the dock and said “Thank God for that.”

As he walked out he thanked the jury, and, pulling off his tie, said: “What a joke.”

Dismissing the jury, Judge Evans thanked them for their consideration.

Ranger made no comment leaving the court, but his solicitor, Geoffrey Forrester, said he was delighted with the result.

“It took the jury approximately one hour, after hearing evidence extending over seven days, to find him not guilty,” he said.

“He’s obviously delighted with the result and wants to get back to doing what he does, playing football, and he just wants to get on with his life.”

Writing on Twitter later, Ranger said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. My legal team, my family, and everyone else supporting me.

“I am glad the right verdict came about in court. I am innocent, have always been innocent, and have proven to be innocent.

“These legal proceedings have played an integral part of my life and also my career. I am now solely focused on working hard and getting myself where I should.

“I would like to thank Swindon Town FC for giving me a chance at a vital time to progress. I cannot thank them enough for their support.”


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