Pair bound over after row with police in house

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Two men have been bound over to keep the peace after a row with police at a South Tyneside house.

Colin Hardstaff, 21, of Whitehead Street, and Christopher Willis, 34, of St Jude’s Terrace, both in South Shields, admitted breaching the peace.

The police were called to a property in St Jude’s Terrace at 9.45pm on Thursday after its occupant asked Willis to leave because he was acting aggressively.

Stan Sudworth, prosecuting, said: “Police came to the address, and Willis was in the kitchen with clenched fists, saying ‘he shouldn’t have called the police’.

“He was asked to calm down by police, but continued to act aggressively.” Hardstaff had been asleep in the house at the time, but he woke up after the row between police and Willis broke out, and he also began to act aggressively towards the officers.

Both were then arrested.

Kevin Smallcombe, defending, said: “It was post-Christmas drinks between friends that got out of hand.

“Willis had been asked to leave, and he objected to that.

“Hardstaff woke up and asked, in a forceful way, why his friend was being taken away from the house.

“Both have been in custody since last night.”

The two men were bound over to keep the peace for six months in the sum of £100.


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