Prisoner gets extra time for going on the run

BACK IN JAIL ... Shaun Taylor, inset, who is now back in Kirkham Prison after his escape.

BACK IN JAIL ... Shaun Taylor, inset, who is now back in Kirkham Prison after his escape.

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A PRISONER will be locked up for a further month after escaping from jail.

Shaun Taylor was locked up in June 2012 for five and a half years after setting fire to a flat in Victoria Road, South Shields, and endangering the life of five people.

But the 30-year-old escaped from Kirkham Prison, in Lancashire, on March 24 for four nights after being refused leave.

During his escape, Taylor spent one night in the Lake District before returning to South Tyneside for a further three nights. He then handed himself in to police.

Taylor, of Claypit Close, South Shields, pleaded guilty to escape at Newcastle Crown Court.

Michael Bunch, prosecuting, said: “The reason he gave in police interview is the same one he still gives to this day.

“He wasn’t getting the leave from prison which he was expecting to get, so he left in order to get some leave from the prison.”

Graeme Cook. defending, said: “He had a home release denied without explanation.

“Then his brother was coming back from the Army and wanted to see him. That leave was also refused.”

Judge John Evans told Taylor: “The court has to discourage people from doing what you did.

“Although you were at large for a day or two, you had the sense to hand yourself back in.

“I don’t know the reason you were refused leave, but it is better to argue your case rather than do what you did.”

Judge John Evans jailed Taylor for a further month on top of the sentence he was already serving.

He is now due to be released from prison in February next year.

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