‘Stupid’ vandal caught leaving his graffiti tag

CAUGHT AGAIN ... graffiti vandal Daniel Gray landed himself back in court.

CAUGHT AGAIN ... graffiti vandal Daniel Gray landed himself back in court.

A JUDGE told a hapless vandal she “couldn’t believe his stupidity” after he was caught out daubing graffiti for the second time – by painting his own name.

Daniel Gray used a tin of paint and spray paint to write his own graffiti tag name – Gravy – on the side of the the NEDL electrical sub-station in Monkton Hall, Hebburn, on Saturday, October 19, last year.

The 23-year-old had already landed himself in court in January after admitting spray-painting a garage wall behind Hebburn’s Finchale Road shops with an offensive message about a police officer on the same date.

Again, he left his own “tag” on the grafitti.

He was given a 12-month community order with that offence but ended up being handed a six-week jail term – suspended for six months – in March after failing to comply with the order.

Gray, of Scarborough Parade, Hebburn, pleaded guilty to the criminal damage of the sub-station at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

The court heard that the graffiti was only spotted by a police officer travelling past the sub-station last month.

Stan Sudworth, prosecuting, said: “On March 17, a police officer on mobile patrol saw the words ‘Gravy’ painted in blue on the side of the sub station. Inquiries revealed that Gravy is the tag of Gray.

“Officers attended his home address, and he was arrested. He admitted that he had gone up with a tin of paint and spray paint with the intention of painting his nickname in Hebburn.”

David Hatfield, defending, told the court that Gray had already been dealt with for the garage graffiti which took place on the same date.

District Judge Helen Cousins gave Gray an absolute discharge, but warned him he still had a suspendended sentence ‘hanging over his head’.

She said: “I can’t believe the stupidity of people going around painting their own name on things.

“It’s just obvious you are asking to be caught.

“There is a suspended sentence hanging over your head, and you need to continue to abide by that.”



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