Woman cut her ex’s face in glass attack

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An NHS worker who cut her ex-boyfriend’s face in a glass attack has walked free from court.

Emma Stewart, 32, poured a drink over Kieran Morgan, hit his head with a bottle and then launched a glass, which caused the injury.

The attack happened during a chance meeting at Vibe bar in South Shields, where the former couple were out with separate friends last May.

Emma Dowling, prosecuting, told Newcastle Crown Court the pair had spoken in the bar and there appeared to be no trouble between them.

Miss Dowling added: “He was sitting with friends when it is said the defendant walked towards him and thew a drink over his head.

“His friends, at that stage, formed the impression it was to embarrass him more than anything else.

“She then hit him over the head with a bottle that did not break, and there was no injury.

“Then a glass was thrown towards the defendant, and as a result of the glass being thrown, there was a small wound to the complainant’s face which was dealt with by steri-strips.”

The court heard that in a series of Facebook messages after the attack, Mr Morgan suggested he did not want to see his ex in any trouble but asked for compensation up to £13,000 for private cosmetic treatment.

Stewart, of Leighton Street, South Shields, admitted assault.

Christopher Knox, defending, said: “This is a young woman who is a highly-respectable girl from a highly-respectable family.

“She works in the NHS.”

Judge James Goss QC sentenced Stewart to a conditional discharge for 12 months, and said she must pay £750 compensation to Mr Morgan.

The judge told her: “This was an unhappy episode following the termination of a personal relationship.

“You know that you did wrong to use violence upon your former boyfriend, and injure him as you did.

“You have committed no offences previously – this is the first – and I hope and imagine the last you will ever commit.”


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