Woman who stabbed partner during attack is spared jail



A WOMAN who stabbed her violent boyfriend while he was carrying out his latest attack on her has been spared jail.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that Louise Hindmarch had suffered years of domestic abuse at the hands of Brian Devonport when she plunged a knife into him three times.

One of the wounds cut into vital veins and arteries and led to Devonport needing a four-hour operation and having half of his blood replaced during transfusion.

A judge yesterday told Hindmarch, of Thornton Court, Washington, she was lucky the knife attack did not kill the man but spared her from going to jail after hearing Devonport did not want her locked up.

Mr Recorder Singh told the 35-year-old mum: “You are extremely fortunate there was not a fatality caused on that particular day.

“The complainant is someone who has not supported the crown’s case and has provided a letter to me indicating he himself does not wish to see you going into custody.

“That was a persuasive letter.”

The judge sentenced Hindmarch to two years’ imprisonment suspended for two years, with 18 months’ supervision and a four-month curfew after she admitted unlawful wounding.

He added; “This was excessive self -defence. You were the subject of an attack and your guilty plea is on the basis you were defending yourself and went over the top.”

The attack happened on July 12, when an argument had broken out between the then couple which led to Davenport lashing out in the kitchen.

Prosecutor Tim Gittens told the court: “The defendant was punched to the body and held by a choke hold around the neck.

“She was pushed against the draining board and, aware she would be beaten again, she grabbed the knife that came to hand and struck out with it.”

The court heard Hindmarch caused three wounds to Devonport’s arm, one of which was serious and may still require further surgery.

Mr Gittens told the court Devonport, who is now in jail, had written a letter to the judge calling Hindmarch a “brilliant mother” and saying he did not wish for her to go to prison.

Mr Gittens said the former couple’s long relationship was blighted with violence.

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