Yob jailed for dog-lead threats

JOHN CARR ... was jailed for 10 months for his part in the violence which cost Megan Kerrigan, inset, her eye.

JOHN CARR ... was jailed for 10 months for his part in the violence which cost Megan Kerrigan, inset, her eye.

A MAN has been jailed after he used his dog’s lead as a weapon in an “explosion of violence” which ended with a teenage girl being blinded in one eye.

Megan Kerrigan suffered devastating damage to her left eye and is unlikely ever to regain full sight after Andrew Wyness smashed a broken wine bottle into her face.

Wyness, 23, of Bradford Avenue, Sunderland, was jailed for 10 years at an earlier hearing for the attack.

At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday, John Carr, 24, of Ranson Crescent, South Shields, was put behind bars for his part in the violence, which erupted in Wenlock Road in March.

Caroline McGurk, prosecuting, told the court: “The defendant took part in an altercation which ultimately resulted in a 17-year-old girl losing the sight in one eye.”


The court was played CCTV footage which shows Carr unleashing his dog so he could use its metal lead to threaten people and then picking up bottles from a shop he and others had stormed into to use in a similar way.

It is believed more than eight people were involved in the trouble that night, although Wyness and Carr were the only two to face any charges.

Carr was not directly involved in the actual attack on Megan.

Miss McGurk added: “Various witnesses have described their fear as a result of seeing this incident.

“One woman said ‘I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I was scared, this was a very violent incident’. One shop assistant made a statement saying he was shaking after the incident. Another woman said the whole thing made her feel sick.”

Judge Brian Forster jailed Carr, who admitted affray at an earlier hearing, for 10 months.

The judge said: “On the day in question, March 17, there was an explosion of violence in the street.

“Anyone who takes part in a group violent attack such as this commits a serious offence and must be dealt with with a sentence of imprisonment. There are no grounds to suspend the sentence.”

Vic Laffey, defending, said Carr did not injure anybody and had dramatically reduced his drinking since.

Mr Laffey added: “He’s motivated to get himself sorted out.”

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