Dog walker tells of ‘nightmare’ attack on pet – VIDEO

A HORRIFIED dog walker has been landed with a vet’s bill after saving his pet from an attack on a beach in South Tyneside.

Nico, a 16-week-old chihuahua, was savaged by a greyhound as it was being walked near The Groyne in South Shields.

The puppy suffered severe swelling to its head and body after the greyhound, which was not on a lead, attacked without warning.

The incident has cost Terry Hughes £78, which he has little chance of getting back because a mobile phone number he was given by two women, who were with the greyhound, isn’t being answered.

He was walking the dog with his wife Anne.

Mr Hughes, of Redmonds, Penshaw, said: “I don’t think I’ve ever heard a dog make the noise Nico did. The greyhound picked him up in its mouth. He was in so much pain, we thought he was going to be killed.”

Mr Hughes said he stepped in to stop the attack.

He added: “I slapped the greyhound across the side of its head. Fortunately, our dog doesn’t have any cuts or bite marks, but there was a big lump on his head.

“The swelling on his body was like a rugby ball. We believe he will make a full physical recovery, but he seems to have lost a lot of confidence and isn’t too keen on going out.”

The dog is owned by Mr Hughes’s daughter Katherine, 26, who lives in Washington. Mr Hughes, an unemployed electrician, is keen to warn other people who walk their dogs in the area to be wary of the greyhound.

He said: “The greyhound was with two women. They gave me a mobile number, but I can’t get an answer. I’ve had to pay a vet’s bill for more than £78, and I don’t think I’ll get that money back.

“I just want people to be aware of this dog because it is dangerous. We thought it would be nice to go for a walk along the beach in South Shields, but it turned into a nightmare.”

The attack, which happened at 11.30am last Saturday reported to the police.

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