Dumped pony has a more stable future

HAPPY ENDING ... the Shetland pony abandoned on council land is out of the cold.

HAPPY ENDING ... the Shetland pony abandoned on council land is out of the cold.

A PONY which was left in limbo after being abandoned in South Tyneside streets can now look forward to a more stable future.

The Shetland pony was dumped on council land behind Felton Avenue and Barbour Avenue, South Shields, last month – with council chiefs placing a notice that the animal would be re-homed or even put down if its owners couldn’t be found by today.

The animal has now been placed in the stables by an equine bailiff company with access to veterinary care ahead of being re-homed.

It was picked up by the firm on Friday and the mystery owners now have two weeks from that date to come forward and claim the pony before a permanent new home is found for it.

The move was taken by South Tyneside Council, which says it has received a flood of offers from generous residents keen to give the pony a new home.

The black pony had been left to rummage through rubbish – including black bin bags and empty cans and bottles – on the land. The animal was able to sustain itself by eating grass, while a resident put out water for it.

But, concerned for the safety of the pony the longer it was left, they called South Tyneside Council.

One resident said; “Children have been getting in over a fence to see the pony.

“On one occasion, there were about 11 of them coming in with torches and poking it with sticks. It is animal cruelty and it shouldn’t be happening.”

A South Tyneside Council spokesman said: “After assessing the situation and being concerned for the pony’s welfare, it has been placed in stables under the care and supervision of a specialist equine bailiff company, where it is being looked after and checked over by vets.

“If no one comes forward to claim it within two weeks, arrangements will made for it to be re-housed.

“We have also received a number of inquiries from the public with kind requests offering a permanent home for the pony.”





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