End of the line in phone-wait ordeal

ANGRY ... resident Alan Robson fears for the welfare of his ill wife, June, as they have been left with no telephone.

ANGRY ... resident Alan Robson fears for the welfare of his ill wife, June, as they have been left with no telephone.

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AN ELDERLY woman with terminal cancer has been cut off for a month because of a telephone hitch.

June Robson, 67, and her husband, Alan, have had no landline or internet connection since moving into their newly-built bungalow in Druridge Crescent, Horsley Hill, South Shields, on September 24 – and they’re still hanging on.

Phone provider Talk Talk say extra work was required to connect the couple, and their wait should be over next week.

Mr Robson, a 71-year-old retired tool cutter, says he feels badly let down by Talk Talk, and is worried that he may not be able to summon help if Mrs Robson’s condition deteriorates. He said: “It’s just not right. We told them we were moving. They should have had something in place ready for us.

“Everything inside the bungalow is there, but there’s just no connection.

“It’s making things really hard for us. We can’t use the phone or the internet to inform everyone we need to contact about our change of address.

“I’ve got a mobile, but I don’t want to make those kind of calls from it, because it costs a fortune.”

He added: “June is ill. She needs to be able to contact me, or somebody else if I’m not home, if she takes a bad turn.”

Mrs Robson, who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2008, added: “I need to know that there is someone else at the other end of a working phone. We’ve been paying for the telephone and broadband since we moved in, and we haven’t been able to use them.”

Another resident in Druridge Crescent, a customer with Talk Talk, said they had encountered the same problem.

They said: “It’s ridiculous. You can’t even talk to them about it because it costs about £7 a minute to ring them from a mobile.

“We’ve been here for more than a month. It should have been sorted by now.”

A spokeswoman for Talk Talk said: “Additional work needed to be completed at the property before the service could go live.

“We have now been able to provision Mr Robson’s service, and this is due to go live next week. We apologise for the delay.”


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