Will your Halloween pumpkin be one of the 600,000 which just go to waste this year?

New research has revealed the shocking number of pumpkins set to go on waste in the North East this Halloween.

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South Tyneside memorial plaque.
Catherine Cookson, Mill Dam

South Tyneside gives go-ahead to Blue Plaque scheme

A blue plaque scheme - celebrating the great and good of South Tyneside - has been approved by councillors.

A Harlequin Ladybird. Credit - Shutterstock

Smelly foreign ladybirds invade UK homes

Plagues of foreign ladybirds have been spotted in the UK as they seek shelter in warm houses.
Residents are calling on the council to collect their green bins

Green bin collection charge - readers have their say

Residents across South Tyneside are gearing up to boycott the new green waste collection charges when they come into force, next year.

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Cleadon Village

Three Conservation Areas have been put on the at risk register

Three of South Tyneside’s prettiest places have been put on the ‘at risk’ list by a campaign group.

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Karis Harbertson and Anna Curle will be attempting the Jailbreak challenge.

Can you help these students with their Jailbreak challenge?

An adventurous student from South Tyneside is about to embark on a challenge which will see her try to get away from it all - in the name of charity.


Fish pass helps thousands of salmon and sea trout head up the Tyne to spawn

Thousands of salmon have been helped by a new fish pass as they make their way up the River Tyne in a once-in-a-lifetime journey to spawn.

Bob Robertson with letters from Northumbrian Water.

Homeowners on Jarrow estate to foot bill of drainage works

Residents in part of South Tyneside face having to pay up because the drains in their 50-year-old homes are polluting a nearby stream.

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Hurtigruten, the Norwegian exploration travel company has launched direct flights from Newcastle.

New flights to Norway launched from Newcastle

Those who fancy a trip to Norway will now be able to fly direct from Newcastle as Norwegian airline Hurtigruten launches new flights.
New figures show just how much has been paid out in pothole claims across the region.

How much has been paid out in pothole claims in your area?

New figures have been released this week which show just how much has been paid out in pothole claims across the region.

This weather won't be happening anytime soon

Snowmageddon isn't on the way, no matter what the front pages say

Reports of a snowmageddon on the way may be slightly exaggerated.

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Nissan. Picture by PA

'It's not chatter, it's real people's jobs' - Sunderland MP lays into Brexit Minister over Nissan

Sunderland MP Julie Elliott has laid into Brexit Secretary David Davis over Nissan's future in Sunderland during a debate in Parliament.
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The first outer bands of rain from Hurricane Matthew pass over downtown Orlando. Picture: Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel.

Hurricane Matthew pelts Florida as East Coast prepares for battering

A monster storm has hit Florida with heavy rain as the deadly storm roars ever closer to the coast with potentially catastrophic winds of 130mph.
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Leaves are starting to fall from the trees.

8 things that should cheer us all up this Autumn

There's a definite nip in the air, the heavy coats are coming out, and staying at home suddenly seems like a more attractive option than a night on the tiles.
Don't miss Halley's night-time spectacle

When and how you can watch Halley's Comet light up the night sky this October

Eyes to the skies! We’re in for a month-long meteor shower thanks to dust from Halley’s Comet.

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The work is part of a �7.5million scheme.

Underground tank installed in Jarrow in bid to ease flooding problems

A huge underground tank has been installed in Jarrow in a bid to make flooding problems a thing of the past.


Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn rallies crowds in South Tyneside

Jeremy Corbyn was met with cheers when he paid tribute to the members of the Jarrow Crusade.
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The waste dumped at Cleadon Hills.

Woman in court over fly-tipping charge near to Cleadon Hills

A woman who failed to provide information about a fly-tipping incident to South Tyneside Council ended up in court.

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Stunning skies over the North East thing morning.

Autumnal weekend forecast for North East after one of the hottest Septembers on record

Britain has experienced one of the hottest Septembers since records began, provisional Met Office figures suggest.

Don a nose and give us a pose for National Wetnose Day.

Tomorrow is National Wetnose Day - here's how you can help ...

Who doesn't love taking a daft photograph? It is the age of the selfie after all ...

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