Anger at ‘never ending’ problem of fly-tipping

'NEVER-ENDING PROBLEM' ... Coun Richard Porthouse has blasted fly-tippers after more rubbish was dumped in Hebburn Riverside Park.
'NEVER-ENDING PROBLEM' ... Coun Richard Porthouse has blasted fly-tippers after more rubbish was dumped in Hebburn Riverside Park.

FLY-tippers who struck again at a riverside beauty spot in South Tyneside have been branded “a menace”.

Just weeks after the Gazette highlighted problems with rubbish being dumped at Hebburn Riverside Park, yet more debris has been strewn along the scenic spot.

This time, lumps of concrete and a plastic fish tank have been abandoned at the riverside.

Coun Richard Porthouse, for the Hebburn North ward, said: “This just seems to be a never-ending problem at Hebburn Riverside Park.

“While the area is regularly inspected and incidents of fly-tipping reported straight away, we still have people wilfully spoiling the area for others.

“But this is not just a problem at the riverside, but is happening all over the Hebburn North ward, with people illegally dumping rubbish in back lanes and other places. Fly-tippers are a constant menace.”

A Gazette reader took pictures of the latest rubbish to be dumped at the riverside park, which recently sparked complaints because of the council’s wildflower meadow scheme.

Coun Porthouse urged people to dispose of their household rubbish responsibly. He added: “We have a great facility at Middlefields in South Shields, where people can take all their rubbish. But some people seem unwilling to do this.

“Even when people have to pay to dispose of rubbish, the costs involved are not that great. I don’t know if this is down to laziness, but fly-tipping is something that we are trying to stamp out.”

Certain buildings near Hebburn Riverside Park have security cameras and Coun Porthouse hopes that photographic evidence could be used to catch the culprits.

Hebburn Riverside Park has been plagued by fly-tippers in recent years and cash-strapped South Tyneside Council is forced to clean up the rubbish.

Last month, debris dumped at the spot included dining room chairs and the contents of a bedroom.

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council said: “We were not made aware of this incident until it was brought to our attention through the local ward members. However, we will investigate.”

Anyone with information about fly-tipping can call the council on 427 7000 or email:

Twitter: @terrykelly16