South Tyneside estates’ stones work ‘an eyesore’

UNTIDY ... Coun Lee Hughes at the site of the entrance stone for the Lakes Estate in Kirkstone Avenue.
UNTIDY ... Coun Lee Hughes at the site of the entrance stone for the Lakes Estate in Kirkstone Avenue.

A STONES row is still rolling on for fed-up residents on estates in South Tyneside.

Preparatory work was carried out months ago for new stone entrance signs at the Scotch and Lakes estates in Jarrow and Brockley Whins, South Shields.

However, a local councillor is annoyed the works have still not been completed, leaving the entrances to the estates looking like “an eyesore”.

The ground has been dug and the land prepared for the stone signs, but the sites have been left covered with tarpaulins and grass, sparking complaints from residents.

Coun Lee Hughes, an Independent – Putting People First member for the Bede ward, said: “The entrances to the estates have been left looking like a mess. There is grass and weeds over them and residents keep asking me what the works are for, and when they are going to be completed.

“At Brockley Whins, people mistakenly thought the works were connected with the old subway that used to run under the John Reid Road, as though the land had collapsed.

“One local person commented that the Great Wall of China was built quicker than it’s taken to put the estate signs up.

“There is only one way in and out of the Lakes Estate in Kirkstone Avenue, Jarrow, and the place where the stone still has to be put up looks an eyesore.

“The land at these sites was dug up three or months ago and I think the stones should have been put in place long before now.

“Personally, I’m not a fan of the signs, which some people have compared to gravestones, but many people want to see them put in place.”

Coun Fay Cunningham, a Labour member for the Bede ward, said: “From what I understand, this has something to do with works needing to be carried out under the site of the estate signs.

“Excavation work has been completed underneath the signs, to make sure they don’t interfere with the utilities.

“But I’m sure the stones will be in place soon.”

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council, said: “Early works were carried out on these sites to identify any utility issues that may arise during installation, and now that the structural design of the plinths has been established, works on the foundations will begin this week.”

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