Family sickened by pet rabbit’s slaughter

ANGRY AND SICKENED ... Kelly Arnett and her son Issac after the attack on their pet rabbit, Honey, below.

ANGRY AND SICKENED ... Kelly Arnett and her son Issac after the attack on their pet rabbit, Honey, below.

A HORRIFIED family in South Tyneside have told how they woke to discover their pet rabbit had been slaughtered in an horrific overnight attack.

Shocked couple Kelly Arnett and Gareth Boon found their two-year-old rabbit, called Honey, had been decapitated.

The couple say the heartless raiders even put half of the animal’s body back in its hutch after leaving a trail of blood around the back yard of their home, in Raglan Street, Jarrow.

Police have blamed another animal for the night attack, but the couple are adamant people were to blame, after finding bloody heel prints.

Mrs Arnett, 37, who has two boys, Issac, three, and nine-year-old Gabriel, said: “We were sickened and shocked by what we found when we woke.

“Now I’m just furious. I don’t know how anyone could be so cruel as to do something like this.

“It was clear from the marks on her body that they must have tortured Honey before chopping her body in half.”

She added: “It couldn’t have been a dog or a fox. All the cuts to her body were clean, as though a knife had been used.

“Also, the hutch was closed up after they left half of her body inside.

“What animal would do that? There were also heel prints in the blood.

“We couldn’t find her head and just had to bury Honey as soon as possible, so as not to upset the boys.”

Mrs Arnett and her partner also got rid of the hutch immediately after the attack, so as not to distress their children.

She said: “The oldest boy is most upset. We had Honey a couple of years and she was a really lovely pet. I’m just glad the boys didn’t see her after the attack.

“I know police say an animal must have got into the hutch, but the door had been put back on and the hutch was secure before the attack.

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said an officer attended the scene after a call was received at 8.36am on Easter Monday.

The spokesman added: “The officer attended and found a hutch door with a gap at one end.

“It would appear an animal got into the rear yard, entered the hutch and attacked the rabbit, which then died.

“We don’t believe an offence was committed.”

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