Bells set the tone for slimming guru

THEN AND NOW ... Steve Worsley now runs his own fitness class after slimming down from 30st, inset.

THEN AND NOW ... Steve Worsley now runs his own fitness class after slimming down from 30st, inset.

FITNESS instructor Steve Worsley is half the man he used to be – and he’s now helping others do the same.

He once tipped the scales at 30st and needed trousers to fit a 62-inch waist.

Now the 34-year-old is running his own exercise classes.

It took Steve four years of hard work to shed more than 14st and slim down to a size 32-inch waist – but he says that’s an advantage when it comes to putting others on the road to better health.

Steve is a kettlebells instructor and has launched his own classes, alongside Gary Richards, at Temple Park Centre, South Shields.

The father-of-two, from South Crescent, Boldon Colliery, said: “Losing the weight has given me a new lease of life and I want to help others who have found themselves in the place I was.

“I have also started personal training for people who want to lose weight but lack the confidence to come to an exercise class. When you are overweight, it can be really daunting to join an exercise class. I know because I’ve been there, but I am proof you can do it.

“I know everything they are feeling. I know where the pitfalls are and how tempting it is to give up.”

Steve says he had always been overweight as a child and, although he slimmed down during his teenage years, the weight soon piled back on.

It was watching his children, Kimberly, 10, and Thomas, six, as they ate a takeaway one night that he decided enough was enough.

Steve, a funeral service worker at RS Johnsons at Crossgate, South Shields, said: “It just happened one night. We were all sitting down with a takeaway. I was watching my children eat, and I was so ashamed that I was setting such a bad example.

“I sold my car and bought a bike, and that was the start of it.”

In the first year, he made small changes to his lifestyle which eventually saw the weight drop off, and the more he slimmed down, the more exercise he could take part in.

Eventually he was persuaded to join a kettlebells class by his wife, Angela, and eventually looked into how he could become an instructor.

He said: “I had done a few sessions and really enjoyed it. I approached the instructor about how I could become a teacher and he put me on a training programme.”

The kettlebell classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm to 7pm.

For information on the sessions, visit or to inquire about personal training call 0788 2678651.

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