Four-year-old girl rescues mum after collapse

LIFESAVER ... epileptic mother Toni Robinson and daughter Hallie Mae Kerrigan, aged four, who rang for an ambulance after her mum collapsed.

LIFESAVER ... epileptic mother Toni Robinson and daughter Hallie Mae Kerrigan, aged four, who rang for an ambulance after her mum collapsed.

A BRAVE little girl who called the emergency services after her mum suffered an epileptic fit has been hailed “a little star”.

Although she’s just turned four, Hallie Mae Kerrigan kept her cool when her mum, Toni Robinson, collapsed at the family home in Glasgow Road on the Scotch Estate, Jarrow.

Little Hallie Mae remembered what she had been told to do in an emergency, ringing 999 on the landline phone and telling police that her mum had suffered an attack.

The quick-thinking youngster kept chatting to emergency services as an ambulance was dispatched and police traced the house.

The crew found 25-year-old Miss Robinson lying unconscious on the living room floor.

Hallie Mae also managed to keep Miss Robinson’s one-year-old baby son, Lindon Lee Kerrigan, away from danger until help arrived.

Miss Robinson said: “I was amazed when I found out later what Hallie Mae had done. She’s normally quite a squeamish kid, but I told her that if mammy ever collapsed, that she should ring 999.

“But that was some time ago and I thought she might have forgotten. But she rang the number and kept talking to the emergency services before police traced our house address.

“My partner, Patrick Kerrigan, and I were really chuffed and over the moon at what she did. Hallie Mae’s been spoilt to bits ever since – she’s our little star!”

Miss Robinson was taken to South Tyneside District Hospital, where she remained overnight.

Miss Kerrigan added: “I did not come round until I was in the ambulance, and halfway to hospital they told me what she had done. I think it was amazing, especially as she only turned four on March 3.”

Miss Kerrigan’s other child, five-year-old son Dainjon Kerrigan was at school when his mother collapsed and was collected by the family.

Officials of North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust praised Hallie Mae for her quick-thinking actions after the incident, on Monday, March 10.

Miss Kerrigan was initially diagnosed as not having epilepsy but later suffered several seizures and now receives medication.

She also has an appointment at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary soon about her condition.

A spokesman for the North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The ambulance service would like to say ‘well done’ to Hallie Mae – she’s been a brave little girl.

“It is a distressing experience to see someone you love fitting, and we admired her quick response. She did the right thing in calling us on 999.”

The ambulance service also plans to present Hallie Mae with a certificate in recognition of her quick-thinking actions.

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