Husband and wife scoop slimming titles

BEFORE AND AFTER ... Mike and Danielle Weedon have been named Slimming Worlds Man and Woman of the Year.

BEFORE AND AFTER ... Mike and Danielle Weedon have been named Slimming Worlds Man and Woman of the Year.

A HUSBAND and wife team have been named top slimmers at their weight-loss club after shedding almost 10st between them.

Mike and Danielle Weedon have been fighting the flab since joining Slimming World in January.

And they’re ending the year on a high after picking up the titles of Man and Woman of the Year at the group in South Shields.

The couple, who live in North Main Court, in the town, decided to lose weight together after 35-year-old Danielle began considering surgery.

Danielle, mum to three-year-old Katie, said: “At the start of 2013, I realised that I had to do something about my weight.

“I was a size 24 to 26 and I was having to buy clothes that fit me, rather than clothes I liked.

“I’d always had a weight problem, but I was heavier than I’d ever been. Katie was two and a half and, as you can imagine, was a handful.

“I didn’t want to compromise anything I did with her and knew I needed to take drastic action to make sure I could be an active mam.”

Danielle, a sister in the intensive care unit at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, had tried everything to lose weight, and giving up on the hope of shedding the pounds naturally, she made an appointment with her GP to discuss gastric bypass surgery.

But husband Mike, 36, who runs a life insurance brokerage, wasn’t keen on the idea, and told her he would lose weight with her.

The couple joined Slimming World at the New Crown pub in Mowbray Road, South Shields – since when Mike has lost 3st, to come down to 13st 2lbs, and Danielle has shed 6½st to finish at 12st 3lbs.

The pair were also voted the group’s Man and Woman of the Year.

Danielle said: “I agreed to postpone the appointment with my GP for another month and I was delighted that I lost another stone in that time.

“I was still enjoying the new eating plan, I was never hungry and starting to enjoy the social aspect of Slimming World.

“For one hour a week I would be in a room with like-minded, amazing people who were all there for the same reason.

“No one judges you, only supports you and gives you recipes, ideas and motivation for the weeks ahead.”

Danielle has now decided against going in for surgery.

She added: “Losing the weight has totally changed mine and my family’s lives. I have so much more energy than a year ago, and I am able to enjoy running around with my three-year-old.”

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