Survey gives hospital a clean bill of health

CLEAN BILL ... South Tyneside District Hospital. Below, Trust chief executive Lorraine Lambert.

CLEAN BILL ... South Tyneside District Hospital. Below, Trust chief executive Lorraine Lambert.

A SURVEY of patient care in South Tyneside makes for healthy reading.

South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust is one of 156 acute and specialist trusts that took part in the survey in a bid to improve the quality of service they provide.

All patients aged 16 and over spending at least one night in South Tyneside District Hospital were eligible to take part.

The questions related to a range of issues, ranging from the treatment and information given by doctors and nurses at the Harton Lane hospital in South Shields to the length of time it took to get a bed on a ward.

Patients’ responses were scored on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the best.

Lorraine Lambert, the trust’s chief executive, said: “We are delighted with the results of this latest survey, which are very encouraging for patients and staff.

“We will, however, be examining them in close detail to identify any information which will help us to improve services even further.”

She added: “We need to know from people when we are doing things right, and also when we have got it wrong, so we can make plans to put it right.

“The survey is one of the important ways in which we find out what matters to our patients.”

The trust scored 9.7 for patients being given enough privacy when being examined or treated.

Its score for treating patients with respect and dignity was 9.3.

On confidence and trust in the doctors and nurses, the scores were 9.2 and 9 respectively.

The trust was among the best performers nationwide for ensuring hospital specialists are given all the necessary information about a patient’s condition or illness by the medic referring them, scoring 9.6.

Staff’s discussions with patients over whether additional equipment or adaptations were needed in their homes after leaving hospital were rated at 9.2.

Information drawn from the national survey will be used by the Care Quality Commission as part of a new monitoring regime.

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How the trust was rated

SURVEY forms were sent to 850 patients seen between September 2013 and January this year, yielding 292 responses.

These are their ratings:

* A&E department

8.9 out of 10

* Waiting to get a bed on a ward


* The hospital and ward


* Single-sex accommodation


* Single-sex bathrooms


* Noise from other patients


* Noise from staff


* Quality of food


* Choice of food


* Safety


* Doctors


* Nurses

Rating 8.4/10

* Care and treatment


* Operations and procedures


* Waiting lists and planned admissions


* Cleanliness of rooms or ward


* Cleanliness of bathrooms or toilets





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