Young dancers raise £700 for charity

YOUNG dancers have hot-footed their way to a charity donation to support a South Tyneside youngster with a debilitating skin disease.

The Valerie Shepherd Dance Academy hosted a performance at the Customs House in Mill Dam, South Shields, in aid of the British Porphria Association.

The charity was chosen because dancer Sarah Chapman, nine, and her brother, Matthew, both suffer from Erythropoietic Protoporphyria (EPP).

It means the youngsters, from Hardie Drive, West Boldon, have to be protected from the sun at all times, as even a few seconds in sunlight can cause their skin to swell and become painful.

The academy is based at All Saints Community Centre in Stanley Street, South Shields, and the event raised £700.

Sarah and Matthew’s mother, Gillian Chapman, said: “As always, I am moved by the support shown to my children, but to have raised this amount is just breathtaking.

“I just want to say a huge thank you on behalf of Sarah, Matthew and the British Porphria Association for the kindness and support shown by Valerie, her teachers, the children and their families.

“The children have both coped really well considering what a lovely summer we had.

“They have to be so careful to make sure they are covered up and take their sun cream everywhere they go, whatever the weather.”

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