Hitting the headlines to hide bald facts

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A SOUTH Tyneside skin expert is offering bald men a new lease of life with a revolutionary new treatment.

Barry Crake is using micro pigmentation scalp camouflage to give men, who are follicly challenged, a full head of ‘hair’.

Mr Crake spends up to four hours a time, painstakingly tattooing individual lines and dots on the head to give the appearance of hair.

He said: “The ink I use is organic, it’s not the same ink as you’d use for a tattoo, and it comes in all the normal colours of hair, so it looks very natural.

“If you’re up very close to the person whose had the treatment done, then yes you can see that it’s not three dimensional, but most people don’t notice, as it looks like they’ve just had a very close shave.

“This is a revolutionary new treatment, and it’s going to help so many men out there who have lost their hair, because this can often have a devastating effect on their confidence and their lives.”

Tony Dalgleish has been one of the first patients Mr Crake has helped.

The 45-year-old started to lose his hair about six years ago. However, after falling victim to a scam in which a tattooist offered him a similar treatment – but the ink ran and faded – the builder was desperate for help.

He said: “I had lost most of my hair on the top, but still had it on the sides, so I was always having to shave my head to keep everything even.

“I’d seen adverts in the past, and ended up conned, but I was still willing to try anything if it meant getting some hair back.

“So I went to Barry and straight away he agreed to help me. He’s a genuinely nice bloke.

“I sat for about four hours as he tattooed the hair on, and it wasn’t that painful, but you could feel it, and afterwards I was amazed.”

Mr Dalgleish from Gateshead says his friends, and even his own mother, haven’t noticed his new look.

He said: “To be honest I had expected a bit of ribbing, especially from the lads at the bar. But nobody has said anything, not even my own mother.

“Which makes me think that it looks natural enough for them not to realise, because they’d be the first to say something.

“The treatment has given me so much confidence, I’ve even started to dress more youthful again. I can’t thank Barry enough, and I’d recommend this to anyone who was in the same position as me.”

Mr Crake, who runs the Barry Crake Cosmetic Academy in Roker, Sunderland, said he was willing to offer the treatment, which normally costs in the region of £1,000, for just £250 for underprivileged or unemployed Gazette readers.

He said: “I want to be able to help those who need it. I’m not just going to say unemployed people, because these days people in employment are struggling too.

“However, I will need to see proof that people are in financial difficulties before I help them.”

For more information, call Mr Crake on 567 0543, e-mail info@barrycrake.co.uk or visit www.barrycrake.co.uk.

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