I'd buy Newcastle United if I had the money - Cheryl Cole

POP star Cheryl Cole says she would buy troubled Newcastle United - if she could afford it.

The club has been on the market since May when Mike Ashley put it up for sale with a 100m price tag after the team's relegation to the Championship.

No one has yet bought the club and today Geordie X Factor judge Cheryl said she would like to buy the club if she had enough money.

Cheryl is said to have amassed a 10m fortune as a member of Girls Aloud, as a X Factor judge, and from endorsements and property.

She married Chelsea and England footballer Ashley Cole, who earns 3.5m a year, in 2006.

The 26-year-old made the comments on the Real Radio's breakfast show this morning.

Presenter Craig Beck asked Cheryl: "We've got a suggestion from one of the listeners - you must have got a bit of cash these days, you don't fancy buying Newcastle United do you, and putting Ashley (Cole) at left-back?"

Cheryl said: "You know what - if I had that kind of cash I actually would. I would at this stage."

Cheryl, who grew up in Heaton, Newcastle, and whose entire family are United fans, was asked if she has turned 'soft' since moving South.

But she revealed her favourite food from a fish and chip shop would be a chip buttie, gravy and batter, and that she had used the Geordie term of affection 'pet' just three days ago.

Cheryl also revealed that true to her Newcastle roots she would never wear a coat on a night out with the girls.

She said she still considers the North East as home, insisting: "I always think of Newcastle as home, that's my home. That's where my family are, and where my old friends are.

"I don't go back as often as I would like, but I always go up there for

Christmas or maybe a niece or nephew's birthday if I can make it.

"I go back as often as I can - there is nowhere in the world like Newcastle."

Newcastle United fans told who they think should buy the club after popstar Cheryl Cole said she would like to buy it.

Wesley Saxton, 30, from Newcastle, studying history at Newcastle University, said: "I think Jimmy Nail would be a fantastic owner of the club. He's a big fan of the club, and he would keep the players in line."

Richard Doonan, 32, from Northern reland, who is a student at Sunderland University, said: "Rowan Atkinson would bring a few smiles to the club. Seeing a team with Mr Bean's rubbery face has got to cheer anyone up.

"If he spoke to them like Blackadder did to Baldrick they'd soon listen.

"And maybe Baldrick could come in as manager - they'd be on a strict diet of turnips if that was the case."

Jackie Tonie, 38, an emergency services worker from Newcastle, said: "Borat would be my first choice. Forget those yellow strips - Borat would have them all in a 'mankini."

Amanda Howey, 37, a housewife from Newcastle, said: "Sir Alan Sugar should buy the club. If the players weren't up to scratch he would just say - 'You're fired'.

"And he'd soon reduce their wages down to a more reasonable amount too."

Stewart Fleming, 63, a retired brewery worker and full-time carer from

Wallsend, said: "Mickey Mouse will be the next to own the club the way things are going at the minute.

"Maybe Pluto playing centre-forward and Goofy in goal would do the club some good."

Londoner Jane Lindenberg, 31, who runs a music project in Newcastle, said: "Ant and Dec are the obvious choice.

"Anyone stepping out of line under them would get sent straight to the jungle to eat bugs as a brutal punishment.

"Madonna would make a brilliant manager for the club - just think how strict their diet would be, and I'm sure they'd be training harder for their money."