Labour and UKIP are winners in European election

COUNTING ... votes for the European Parliament.
COUNTING ... votes for the European Parliament.

LABOUR came out top in the South Tyneside European Election vote – with UKIP picking up a considerable share of the vote.

But a turnout of 34.1 per cent revealed many of the borough’s 114,445 electorate were disinterested in the process.

Labour picked up 16,614 votes, followed by UKIP with 11,977.

The Conservatives collected 4,975 votes, but the Liberal Democrats had a disastrous showing at the polls, receiving only 876 votes as they came seventh out of the eight parties contesting seats.

The full South Tyneside vote was: Labour (16,614), UKIP (11,977), Conservative (4,975), Green (1,626), An Independence From Europe (1,179), British National Party (926), Liberal Democrats (876), English Democrats (667).

In the North East, Labour picked up 221,988 votes, followed by UKIP with 177,660.

That saw Labour’s Jude Kirton-Darling and Paul Brannen elected as MEPs, along with UKIP’s Jonathan Arnott.

The result meant sitting MEP Martin Callanan, leader of the Conservatives in Europe, was ousted.