Fire crews haul stricken horse from ditch

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A HORSE called Dancer was got back on the move by fire crews after being trapped in a ditch.

Sixteen firefighters – eight from South Shields and eight from Hebburn stations – were called into action when the animal fell into a ditch at Cleadon Hills Farm in Sunniside Lane, South Shields, on Friday.

The officers attached strops to the 30-year-old female horse, while the farmer used a lifting mechanism on his tractor to get the animal out of the 3ft-deep ditch.

Fire crews then helped to get the horse back on her feet before she was reunited with her owner.

A vet was on hand while Dancer was securely lifted to safety and gave her a check-up, which found she was uninjured.

James Ferguson, Watch Manager at South Shields fire station, said: “We were called at noon on Friday and were on scene for an hour and a half.

“The Hebburn crew brought specialist equipment.

“It would have taken a lot longer and would’ve been a more difficult task if the farmer hadn’t had the tractor to assist with lifting.”




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