Protest over house plans is escalating

UNHAPPY HOME ... Geraldine Kilgour, front, with, from left, Russell Scott, Coun Alan Smith, Malcolm McGullough and Philp Metcalfe in Lincoln Way, Fellgate.

UNHAPPY HOME ... Geraldine Kilgour, front, with, from left, Russell Scott, Coun Alan Smith, Malcolm McGullough and Philp Metcalfe in Lincoln Way, Fellgate.

A PEOPLE’S protest is growing against plans to build a new house on a South Tyneside estate.

Hundreds of names have been collected on protest petitions opposing plans for a new home on land in Lincoln Way, Fellgate, Jarrow.

Worried residents say there is already considerable traffic flow in the area, generated by shops and Fellgate Primary School as well as existing estate residents.

They say the development is inappropriate for what is a bend in the road, used daily by delivery vans.

There are also fears that a successful application could encourage other developments on green spaces within the estate.

Pauline and Philip Metcalfe, residents of Lincoln Way since the estate opened, are fighting the plans.

Mrs Metcalfe, 66, said: “That is already a very bad corner, because the school and the shops are nearby, and yet they are talking about building a four-bedroom property on the land.

“But where are the cars going to go? During the school run, there are already problems with the amount of traffic.

“You can have big 52-seater buses going along there, so I think a new house will just cause more problems.”

In nearby Salisbury Way, resident Malcolm McCullough has twice repaired a bollard damaged by traffic near the proposed house site.

Mr McCullough, 66, a retired plumber, said: “We have only lived here about two years, but the bollard has been damaged three times.

“This is all about safety. I just don’t think that land is the right place for a new house, right on a corner site, where there is already a lot of traffic going past, because of the shops and the school.”

Russell Scott, 65, a retired education worker, has lived in Lincoln Way since 1980. He said: “I believe that corner is already a traffic hazard and building a detached property there would be totally inappropriate.

“And if they get planning permission for that site, it could set a planning precedent and lead to similar developments on other green areas of the estate.”

Geraldine Kilgour, the prospective Labour candidate for the Fellgate and Hedworth ward, has written to Staffordshire-based developer Shenstone Properties to object to the plans.

Mrs Kilgour is annoyed that residents were not consulted before the submission was made, and she has also sent the Lichfield firm a copy of a recent Gazette story about the controversial plans.

She said: “The build would be sited on a vulnerable corner in a well-used and sensitive area, heavily trafficked at peak times.

“The configuration is not in keeping with the properties in the vicinity and the entire estate.

“It is considered an insensitive development and would adversely affect valued existing residents.”

A council spokesman said: “The planning application for a potential property in Lincoln Way, Fellgate, is still being assessed and awaiting submission to one of the council’s planning committee meetings over the coming weeks.”

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